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The Contemporary Testament

Aldivan Teixeira Torres
The Contemporary Testament



At work

Karamandu is a young marron who recently moved to São Paulo. Come from the interior of Bahia, more specifically from Porto Seguro, never thought that life in the main capital of the country was so dynamic. He rented an apartment about eighty kilometers from work because in the work-home route he would pick up three lines and count on the breaks he would lose four hours a day, going back and forth. When he arrived at work in a metallurgical company, he hardly had time to talk to his colleagues because of his complexity of functions and overworked. This routine cycle was also repeated in the vacant hours and on the weekends when he left home with his wife. In the capital and in the surroundings, life was very mechanical, which distanced people differently from their inner life.

The reason he had moved to the south-east of the country was the internal crisis of the labor market of his state. The fact of having little study also contributed to this. The only exit was to travel at the invitation of one of his cousins of São Paulo who facilitated the job placement.

Counting on his experience when he began to work, completing ten years, the adaptation to the new work was occurring naturally. The secret for him and for any profession is to be attentive to new trends, to know how to treat people from the upper and lower echelons, be punctual, be flexible, be responsible, gentle and polite, do not complain about overtime when necessary, work in a team spirit, have ambition and new ideas. Man is only dignified when he works and strives to make this world an environment It only tends to grow.

Life anywhere in the world is difficult but having the same warrior spirit of Karamandu, things can truly happen. What you cannot do is be afraid to risk or at least try. Even now living in a metropolis, he would never forget of his little piece of land in Bahia and his family that stayed there. Its origins give him pride.

Internally, he asks for everything to be right, to have his children, to grow old in the capital, but he has a project of when to retire to have a quiet life, leaving his probable children in the capital and returning to his northeast. to rest and enjoy life better. Well, we are rooting for your success and happiness in your projects.

Work Tips: Relationship with bosses: Treat your boss always with respect, attention and listen to your advice. Having him as an ally is key to your future in the company. At the time of the scolding, try to control yourself and do not want to be the master of If you cannot stand the criticism, you have to rethink your plans and if you want to be an employee.

Never miss meetings and work commitments other than with a serious justification. Remember the importance of working at being your source of income, perhaps for a lifetime.

Do not rely too much on workmates as you will be disappointed. Do not give your friendship to anyone, know how to separate things. Friends you do in life and at work you usually meet only colleagues.

Be careful with the shopkeepers because they will not think twice about handing you over to the boss for some banal reason. This type of person only wants to earn points with the superiors at his expense and does not deserve any kind of consideration. Ignore them and stay away from them.

Learn to recognize your role in the company. The employee has to live up to his salary by dedicating himself to his working hours integrally in his functions. Seek not to access the internet, social networks, cell phone, frequent visits of relatives, known. cause of distraction and depending on the severity of dismissal.

In the sacred moment of vacation, forget your obligation completely. Travel, read a lot, go out with friends, pay more attention to children and your wife, get a cinema, a theater, a football game or any other sport, anyway, it is distracted enough because it is his right. On his return, he will be with renewed strength.

Always have a good network of contacts. In case of unemployment, you have who to turn to.

Get closer to your family and have a good relationship with them. They are the ones you can really count on in tight times.

"A friend in the square is worth more than money in the box." This wise saying guides us to always stay with those who have affinity. Value the friendly hands that always welcome you.

At work, just leave early with justification. Do not want to take advantage of your boss's goodwill to work fewer hours. Check your pay, personal investment, and trust that have deposited in you.

Never get to work drunk or drugged. Also, do not use these things. Believe that maintaining a healthy life is best for yourself.

Whenever possible, attend fellowship events with co-workers. It is a way of strengthening relationships by knowing each other better.

In the end, do in such a way that the work is a pleasurable activity and that makes you grow as a professional and as a person. Galgue the steps of the hierarchy little by little. To you, worker, my respect. We make this country the country of the present and of the future.

Other Topics

1) Love: All that exists and that which comes into existence comes from the infinite love of Yahweh. He adjusted the structures of the universe so that all his creatures were the reflection of him uniting with each other through this feeling. Love is without doubt the most powerful force that exists to create worlds, caress the soul and perform miracles. An example of this were all the forces of good sent to the evolving universes with the intention of transforming relations. In the known example of the earth, we see the figure of Jesus, the good shepherd who gives everything for his servants and the examples of the mothers, mirrors of Mary of Nazareth, unequaled love with his children. This is spiritual love.

Carnal love is what happens between a man and a woman for example. There is still the full love, carnal and spiritual, and those who experience it are in a higher degree spiritually speaking. They are called the son of Yahweh. We also have the passion and partnership which also produce a strong feeling. Regardless of the way, love is very beautiful and happy those who experience it. Dried people of love do not bear fruits and their destiny is not good. Soon, love without reservations.

1.1) Everything is forgiven to those who loved much: "One of the Pharisees invited him to dine with him. Jesus, entering the Pharisee's house, took his place at the table. There was a woman in the city who was a sinner; she, knowing that he was dining in the house of the Pharisee, brought an alabaster vessel with perfume, and wept at her feet, and began to water them with tears, and wiped them with the hair of her head, and kissed her feet and anointed them with the perfume. When the Pharisee who had invited him saw this, he said to himself, "If this man were a prophet, he would know who touched him and what sort of woman he is, for he is a sinner. Jesus said to the Pharisee, Simon, I have something to tell you. He said, "Say it, Master. One creditor had two debtors: one owed him five hundred denarii, and the other fifty. Having neither of the two to pay, he forgave the debt to both. Which of them, therefore, will love you the most? And Simon said, I suppose that he whom he forgave most. And he said unto him, thou hast thought well. Turning to the woman, he said to Simon, "Do you see this woman? I came into your house, and you did not give me water for my feet; But she bathed my feet with tears and wiped them with her hair. You did not give me a kiss; but she has not ceased to kiss my feet since I came in. You did not anoint my head with oil, but this one anointed my feet with perfume. Wherefore I say unto you, her sins are forgiven her, which are many, because she loved much. but he whom little is forgiven, loves little. He said to the woman, "Your sins are forgiven." Those who were with him at the table began to say to themselves, who is this one who even forgives sins? But Jesus said to the woman, "Your faith has saved you; go in peace. "(Luke 7, 36-50)

This parable of Jesus reflects well the human reality. All but the children of God are sinners and must account for their failures to the creator. Even though human sin is scarlet, there is the possibility of divine forgiveness and mercy. Is it possible? Jesus gives the example of the dedicated woman who does not spare her efforts to please him. So, it will also be in the judgment. Those who in life recognize themselves sinners and strive through acts, words and works for a reconciliation will be released of his debts. Because much is forgiven to those who really loved.

1.2) Love as renunciation and suffering: In a relationship between friends, family, God and humanity, and between two partners (a), it is very easy to say that one loves. Many do not even know the strength of what they really say. he truly cares, dedicates himself, accompanies, guides, knows how to demonstrate what he feels at the right moments, suffers for the other and even renounces his own self-esteem by withdrawing definitively for the good of the person. This renunciation of the other is the most painful to be done, but really necessary in certain cases. Examples are the surrender of Jesus on the cross for all of us, the renunciations of the parents to a rebellious son, a separation between a couple. On these occasions, distance and time teach enough and solidify the feeling or fall asleep. However, it will always exist, being true. Loving with delivery demonstrate how much you love each other.

1.3) Love demonstrated through actions: Well says the saying that good intentions, hell is full. This applies exactly to love, which must be demonstrated in attitudes. Give advice, help financially, be gentleman, embrace, keeping secrets, sharing their goods, cooperating for good, protecting others and surrendering to others are some examples of this. We must prove our sentiment so that it is full of mutual trust, partnership and loyalty.


1.4) Do not give up on love in the face of a deception: At any moment, in this world, our feelings are put to the test. Often, the other does not correspond to the expectations that we create around him (a) for the love when it is strong in us makes blind. With the coexistence is that the defects of the other are appearing and putting a shovel of sand in our plans. Then comes a time when it is no longer possible to continue with the relationship often generating a serious trauma. The injured person discredits the love and lose faith in other people. At this time, very calm, is not yet the end. There are several reasons to continue living and try to seek happiness. First, no one is equal to anyone. Who knows not find someone cool (Not perfect) with whom I can share good moments. This is rare these days but it is not impossible. Second, happiness has to come from the inside out. A person with values, a belief, a good family base and an occupation is fully capacity. The other will be just an extension of your own fortune. A complement so to speak. When we take the intrinsic decision to be happy the universe conspires for this. Always remember: "Whatever happens, never give up on yourself. "

1.5) Love as a pretext to circumvent rules: Most people have gone through situations where the other uses love as an argument to perform certain actions. For example, in a crisis of jealousy beating, beat or even kill a rival, to deceive to be accepted, to steal to appear rich, to impede the freedom of the other, to persecute to the end of a relationship, to inspect and always make question of its presence. This type of feeling can be called anything less of love, it can be believed. Second 1 Corinthians 13, love is patient, helpful, is not envious, is not proud, is not arrogant. Does not do anything inconvenient, does not seek their own interests, does not get angry, does not hold grudges. rejoices with the truth. Every excuse, everything believes, everything hopes, everything supports. Love will never end.

1.6) Secret love: Have you ever thought about how many people you have met in your life? Many do not? We have social relationships in the family, at work, in our neighborhood, and even in our neighboring cities and towns. We call this type of relationship constant and lasting. other social relations: Meeting with people on the road, virtual friendship on the internet, cellular, etcetera. We call this relationship virtual. In both cases, we arouse in others several interesting feelings between them, who knows a platonic love. We know, we are protected continually by these human angels who continually help us. In this case, secret love is as healthy as an open and in discovering it we can experience a unique sense of bliss. Bless those who love and are loved because it is their heaven.

1.7) The steps to reach full love: First, when we meet a person, what catches our attention is the aesthetic or commonly called physical attraction. At this moment, little is known about the other in relationships to taste and values. Those who believe in love at first sight are romantic and idealistic because of my experience, it is not possible to love someone at first. After awakening our interest, we begin to investigate our target little by little: With whom he lives, where he works, is married or single, customs and if we have the opportunity to have an approximation we talk and if we perceive that the interest is mutual exchanges contacts. From that arise new meetings and a conversation with two. In this step, there is a greater contact between the couple where we know deeply the defects and the qualities of the other. If the mutual interest persists the relationship evolves to an engagement or maybe even a lasting marriage. Then yes when one has two or three years of coexistence and we already have enough intimacy with the person we can say if we love or not with more firmness and certainty. One can evolve this feeling even more and will become a full love.

1.8) Implications of love: Love is a deep and amazing feeling. It comes from the depths of our soul and comes out in the natural environment. Love can be seen as an act of courage, faith and hope., neither when nor where. It simply happens. To these blessed creatures, able to feel and understand this sublime feeling, several questions are implied: First, one cannot expect reciprocity or the same intensity in the other, understand that each one it is a world and with distinct perceptions of its. Second, love is like a plant, it has to be cultivated every day so it can bear fruit and not die. Who loves, cares. Distance can help in some bad times when each one you have the opportunity to think about yourself and your relationship. When you remember the good times, it is because the feeling is true. Third, prepare to have difficulties of coexistence and do not expect to agree or to combine everything with your partner). To love does not mean the flap If you do not have excessive jealousy, let your partner have the freedom to be an autonomous person. Practice the exercise of trust and if you are betrayed it is time to rethink the relationship and if you are the right person. Fifth, keep the dialogue constant and respect. Without these, love is bound to end. Lastly, live this moment as unique and as if there was no other. Live the present without prejudices having only open senses to the loved person. Very worth it.

1.9) What are we capable of the loved one?

I have lived love intensely at least that reminds me of three times. A true love, pure, immaculate. These three people who woke me up this I thank immensely. In loving, I felt complete, joyful, transcended the space-time limits Somehow, these human beings knew what I felt and renounced physical contact. Even so, love did not become less, at least on my part. What would I do for them? I would give my body and soul to save them if they were in danger, I would be the fine breeze in times of heat, I would be their shield against human wickedness and perversity, I would be the one who would stretch out my hand to help with financial, family, and relationship problems; I would share his good and bad moments if I were accepted, I would comb his hair, cut his nails, give him a kiss and a hug when I woke up, I would sleep close to his chest, I would understand if my moments of bad humor, I would accept their defects and qualities, would give me completely in the moment of sex. This is true love and not what many think it is.

1.10) Conclusion about love

Thus, saith the Lord of spirits, the Almighty: Take advantage of every moment of your life to do good by perpetuating love, for you do not yet know how long there is to live on earth. How many times have you refused to go near that special person, embrace her, kiss her and say that you love her? If you have not done it until now, decide yourself. Forget prejudice, fear and risk. You will lose nothing in trying, otherwise you will gain experience.

The sense of creation is that you love one another without reservations, those who do this are truly my children. For my part, you will have my blessing and protection at all times in life. Be more human.

Seeking dignity and honesty

We are thinking beings and ready to evolve infinitely. Even if the current reality is catastrophic: inversion of values, violence, lack of security, lack of respect within the family and in society in general, with a growing prejudice and an evil that has no name, my father and I still believe in the human being.

I will wait until the end for a reconciliation with the humanity that I myself created when I was a part of God in ancient times. From the beginning, I already knew the consequences of the creation but in no time, I repented. My name is love, charity, and kindness, and I wanted to share my happiness with other beings. Free will was my best choice because it enabled angels and human beings to walk with their own legs. To believers and believers, I destine happiness and fools, I do not do this for excessive justice or rigidity. I do it by plant-harvest logic.

"Though the leaves and the trees fall, I will always exist, for my name is eternal."

The faith and uncertainty of tomorrow

The modern world is very dynamic: What a thing is today may cease to be in the future continually. These very common twists of life sometimes have simply unexpected consequences such as a financial situation, the reconciliation of a love, the loss of a loved one, illnesses, limitations, prizes, good and bad experiences, separations, betrayals, declarations and happiness achieved.

Throughout this short journey that is our life the most important of all is to never stop fighting, to persist or to have faith. What is to be ours will come by deserving and nothing can take away this right. We will not have more or less than the well-deserved and the just. Never want to be mirrored in anyone because each one has its own history.

My life is a great example of everything I said before. Being of poor origin, I always had to take extra effort in my battles. The road proved complicated. What moved me was an unknown inner force that encouraged me to continue trying to tread the paths of success. The culmination of this was to pass a federal contest and resume a forgotten literature two years ago.

I am not yet fully realized. But everything is heading for an ever greater and more solid success. Live the persistence and my belief in the living God, with him the impossible can become possible.

Tolerance to the specificities of the other

I, my father and my brothers and sisters of goodness are superior beings. Consequently, we act differently from the human fragile human mind. The first thing that distinguishes us is love without measure to human creation. Regardless of people's sin, we never abandon them in no situation. Many of them only remember that we exist in times of distress and distress and do not value the bread and graces we pour out day after day in their lives. How ungrateful of them.

In counterpoint to this, we are able to forget this to a minimum spark of hope of reconciliation. We want everyone to be saved. However, the reality is that few achieve this. Today, violence, evil, envy is commonplace today., people deceiving others in social networks and chats, betrayal, success at all costs, lack of principles, corruption in general, theft, disillusionment, attachment to material and lack of commitment. All these factors put the human soul in tatters and thrown into a bottomless abyss. Even the greatest faith cannot reverse this state.

Other things that distinguish us are our power, kindness, forgiveness, mercy and especially our respect for the other. Every human being is worthy of consideration regardless of age, creed, ethnicity, color, financial position, sexual choice, political or sports. that we measure is your heart, the purity of your acts, values and beliefs. Even if we disagree with some human positions, this is not cause for exclusion or dislike on our part. On the contrary, we come closer to win that soul.

We are God and this is not comparable to any living being. They believe more in my name and in my father's.

Tektime S.r.l.s.