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The Contemporary Testament

Aldivan Teixeira Torres
The Contemporary Testament



The struggle for unity among peoples

Since we created the world, my father and I have a dream: To unite humanity in such a way that all go hand in hand in an atmosphere of cooperation and worship of things of good. In the present situation, this is quite utopian, since many times, even a small family unit is destroyed and filled with disagreements.

By human nature, people argue, have opposing opinions, find themselves the owners of reason, do not want to give up and do not recognize the primacy of God. As Yahweh, I promise those who give their life to me a complete change of spirit in such a way that she will not be the same. She will have a lofty and generous soul.

I also promise my followers a full realization on earth and in the afterlife. In the kingdom that is to come prepared by my father, they will have access to bread and honey in such a way that they will not thirst or hunger. On this day, every knee will bow and sing glory to the little sertanejo who will conquer the world.

My homage to all who directly or indirectly contributed in this world to a change of values. I will follow this path with the peace and glory of God. So be it!

The challenge of living in a world of evil and lies

The earth is still an evolving planet commonly called the world of atonement and evidence in the spiritist vision. It is notorious for the inferiority of people who seek their own ends as means of pleasure.

We often face risks, deceptions, betrayals, selfishness, lack of love and violence. Evil reigns in this world making the chosen ones for my realm of victims. What to do before this naked reality?

In proving the poison, we must offer the antidote to these situations. Our greatest strength is unmeasured love, our faith in my father and in me, our singular attitude towards life. We must be the exception of exceptions, spreading the good wherever you go and at all costs because whoever wants to preserve your life will lose it and whoever loses it for my name's sake will find it.

The man of Yahweh is easily noticed in the crowd by his attitudes. He has an optimistic vision of the future, is willing to listen to the other and help him in the best way possible. He also has a commitment to the mission taking the creator's word to the poor in spirit. By his action, he will have happiness and eternal rest in my kingdom. Remember that we only have access to it by deserving it, it takes for humans more donation and detachment.

Urban and rural violence

We live in a dangerous environment of curses and unscrupulous people. Few people we can really trust. How to act in the current reality? We should have few lasting relationships. a rarity.

Of the other people, try to maintain a respectable distance. In no case, go out with strangers because we do not know what we can find. Today, murder, rape and kidnapping are very common. Watch out for the power of communication from social networks and do not fall into traps.

In the city and in the country, crime has been growing exponentially and there is no one completely safe from it. When leaving, try not to attract attention with branded clothing or luxury cars. Be simple and prudent as doves. At home, take measures preventive measures necessary to prevent theft. Only receive relatives or acquaintances.

Moreover, above all, try to have a focus on religious life. With the strength of faith, you can achieve miracles and deliverances. I will teach you a prayer to be read at night, those who pray in faith I promise that there is no evil You should pray thus: "Lord Yahweh, I ask for your protection in its entirety. Protect me in the ways, in the journeys, of robberies, of kidnappings, of evil spirits, of snakes and spiritual beasts, of satanic and of the black magic. May the gates of hell not come near, do not prevail nor defeat me. Finally, by your blood and your cross, protect me from all kinds of evil.”

Who am I?

1-How was your story up to the path of letters?

My dream in literature started very young, in my adolescence. The Possidônio Tenório de Brito foundation opened a good library in my community and sharing my time in school, work in the fields and reading spent my days. I’ve lost the account of how many collections of books I devoured in this era. Being reader was even a cheap but I wanted more. I grew up in this world of dreams with health. Already in adulthood in 2006 when a relatively serious health problem weakened me to point I felt incapable of literature was a way of escape so that I could gradually free myself from my inner demons. At that time, I wrote a small book on some scratch sheets. At that time, it was unthinkable for me to have a computer because of the was not my moment. I saved my drafts for a later date. In 2007, I began typing my book at work intervals by saving it on the floppy. I was so diskette burned. I started the degree course in Mathematics and once again I left my dream aside. I finished higher education in 2010 and the following year I bought my first notebook. At that time, I had already written my first novel and prioritized its typing. I launched it this year. I will fulfill my dream of being a published author even though my financial situation was still catastrophic. I will again with my dream. At the moment that I no longer expected, I went on a public contest and I resumed literature at the end of 2013. I wrote I write everything: Romances, poetry, religious, self-help, wisdom, short stories, etcetera, and many other books and I launched others. Through the Babelcube website, I am already published in the Portuguese, Italian, English, French and Spanish languages. Just to feel the pleasure that readers of other countries read my writings was already worth all my effort. My goal in literature goes beyond money, as income I have my job. It is sharing concepts, transforming and creating new worlds, is to touch people and make them more humane in a culture of peace. It is to believe that even facing the normal toil, problems that everyone has I can dream of better days. Literature has transformed me completely and everyone around me. I owe everything to my Great God who always supports me. I will continue my journey with faith in the heart and immortalizing this gift of God forever. For this, my readers, never give up of your dreams. You are capable!

2-What values have you learned from your biological and spiritual parents and which you carry as a banner, spreading them around the world?

A. In summary, there are thirty commandments for those who seek to enter into the kingdom of my father.

1) To love God above all things, himself and others.

2) Not having earthly or heavenly idols, Yahweh is the only one worthy of worship.

3) Not to utter the holy name of God in vain or to tempt it; Nor to torment those who have already called upon them.

4) Book at least one day of the week for the rest, preferably on Saturday.

5) Honor father, mother and family.

6) Do not kill, do not hurt the neighbor physically or verbally.

7) Do not adulterate, do not practice pedophilia, bestiality, incest and other sexual perversions.

8) Do not steal, do not cheat in the game or in life.

9) Do not give false testimony, slander, defamation, do not lie.

10) Do not covet or envy the assets of others. Work to achieve your own goals.

11) Be simple and humble.

12) Practice honesty, dignity and loyalty.

13) In family, social and work relations always be responsible, efficient and assiduous.

14) Avoid violent sports and gambling addiction.

15) Do not consume any type of drug:

16) Do not take advantage of your position to pour your frustration on the other. Respect the subordinate and the superior in their relationships.

17) Do not be prejudiced with anyone, accept the different and be more tolerant.

18) Do not judge and you will not be judged.

19) Do not be a gossip and give more value to a friendship because if you act so people will move away from you.

20) Do not desire the evil of the neighbor or want to do justice with your own hands. There are the proper organs for this.

21) Do not look for the devil to consult the future or do work against the next. Remember that for everything there is a price.

22) Learn to forgive, for whoever does not forgive others does not deserve God's forgiveness.

23) Practice charity because it redeems sins.

24) Help or comfort the sick and desperate.

25) Pray daily for you, your family, and others.

26) Remain with faith and hope in Yahweh regardless of the situation.

27) Divide your time between work, leisure, and family proportionately.

28) Work to be worthy of success and happiness.

29) Do not want to be a God going beyond your limits.

30) Always practice justice and mercy.

In these commandments abide my love, my grace and that of my father.

3) What are your tastes?

A: Friendship, cooperation, solidarity, dignity, faith, love, understanding, forgiveness and tolerance.

4-What does literature represent for you?

R-Literature is my way of expressing my ideas to the world. As I said before, it arose at a difficult time in my life being used as an escape valve. Today, I can say that literature has saved me.

5-Where did the idea of the "Seer" come from?


In 2007, I had written my first book and had been rejected by the publisher. It was my first big failure. Desperate, I was trying to figure out which way to go when the forces of light acted and revealed my future. was going to be "The Seer", the most respected guy in literature. Nothing made sense at that moment. Years later, with the development of my gift and the writing of novels, the seer nickname took and gave name to my series. I'm also known as Divine or son of God.

6-What does each book represent for you as the author?

I am very happy and consider myself to be a being inspired by the divine forces. Each line I write is important in this process of maturing and communion with the force of good. Absolutely nothing is by chance. All my books are my sons and daughters. Yahweh.

7-How is your routine? Can you always write?

R- I am a very busy man. I have my job with which I support my family, social commitments, travel, home and etcetera. Not always gives to keep regularity in writing but whenever I can write. I love literature. It is a mission to me.

8-What does your family say? Do they support you?

A- This is a painful point in my life. My family always makes negative comments about the writer's profession and about my dream. Over time, they have not intruded any more. Well, if you want to be a writer, the greatest motivation has that come from within you, especially in a country where culture is given little value.

9-What are your upcoming goals?

A- Continue to write and transform concepts, live a little more life, increase my circle of friends and be happy in fullness.

10-Do you have any messages to leave to people?

R-I would like to invite everyone to accompany my work and would like to ask you to fill your soul with a good culture, be it cinema, literature, leisure, conversations. Let's increase our range of options. A loving embrace to all.

This is a bit of me. I want to spread this so that people become closer to my heart despite the distance. I am not a scam, I am authentic, human and original. Continue reading my books and you will discover my soul every time more.

The experience of pain

We are human and we are always subject to the occurrences of life. During our existence we will live pleasant and bad experiences. Of these, certainly the most striking are those that bring pain and traumas.

The reason for the pain can be diverse. Among the main reasons, the pain of the betrayal of a loved one, the loss of a family entity, a serious illness, unemployment, failure and pain of rejection.

I have tried some types of these pains: I have lost close relatives, I live with a genetic disease and I have already been rejected. Each of these events causes a different and very painful sensation.

It is hard to see that we will not talk to that person any more, we will not embrace or kiss him, we will not divide more victories. What comforts is the promise of the coming kingdom where the sister souls meet again. Yes, we live the promise guaranteed by my father of an eternal life full of happiness crowning our efforts in life.

The experience of the sickness that struck me harder when I was twenty-three threw me into a bottomless chasm. The friends went away, the prospects of work were exhausted, the dark night of the soul arose with great force. The support who regenerated me and raised me was from my spiritual father and my family. Without them, I do not even know what would become of me today. I was resurrected, I regained consciousness and my life became. Today, I can say that I am ready to the success.

Another remarkable experience was when fate allowed me to enter the lives of some people. Five beings that aroused me passion, attraction, seduction and love. My reaction to such a strong force was to escape, to discover, to live a secret passion and to risk. This last attitude of mine provoked a rejection whose wounds were difficult to heal. It took two years of internal recollection to finally free myself and seek new directions. Despite the painful effects, I do not regret my attitude, at least I tried to be happy. I regret it when I ran away, who knows, who would not be the person in my life? Well, I'll never really know.

In all these examples described, my greatest ally was time. Everything in life passes and time is wise. The process of regret is necessary but there comes a time when you have to let the suffering go by and live your life. front is the best decision you can make.

The highlights of my life

My name is Aldivan Teixeira Tôrres, civil servant, writer in the modalities of poetry, prose and a lover of life. At this moment, I have thirty-two years already having lived intense experiences. The most striking were love, travel, family, friends, work and studies.

Love has made me more human and I thank each one of the people who have awakened good feelings in me. With each one I discovered a little more of the divine essence because God is love.

The few trips I did made me discover more about the planet earth. Recife, Catimbau-Buique, Piranhas-Alagoas, Monteiro-Paraíba, Salvador-Bahia are some examples of unforgettable places.

Literature is my own life. With it, I can express what I feel and conquer hearts throughout the world. Through it, I will immortalize my name. I will never die; my words will continue in the world after my departure.

The biological family that welcomed me was responsible for taking care of me when I needed it most. They are people who live daily and know how special I am. Friends are walking companions and represent a lot in my life.

The studies provided me with my current position at work, access to culture, achievement of dreams and knowledge. It was worth my efforts throughout my life.

I hope to have many more experiences that fill my being of success and happiness. Life is to be lived.

Living the right ethics

There is a certain saying that says: "The ends justify the means." I do not agree with him because much more important than success is to have a clean conscience. I would never cheat on my own, I prefer to keep with me the decency and values I learned from my spiritual father: Honesty, loyalty, dignity, simplicity and truth. My father expects you to act in the same way with your fellow men.

What good is man gaining the world and losing his soul? It does not matter how much power you have conquered in life. For me and the creator, your actions will be judged and heavy on the scale. If it hangs on our side, we can reflect on the best way for your soul. Always remember that the way is narrow while the door of doom is wide. Always act in favor of your neighbor by practicing good.

Simple Attitudes Can Be Key to Your Life: Helping a handicapped person cross a street, leaving his or her seat for a senior on a crowded bus, sheltering and comforting patients in the hospital, helping a friend in need, valuing and supporting the family, avoiding verbal assaults, practicing charity, understanding and solidarity. If you do all this, you are among my children and your reward will be fair.

"Paint your street and your village and conquer the world."


We live in a world where stealing and stealing has become commonplace. It is to rob us of material goods, our artistic set, our affections and our own personality. What cannot rob us is our kindness, intelligence and charitable works.

Jesus said that the best thing to be human is to gather up treasures in heaven, where rust and moth do not corrode and thieves do not steal. There we have the protection of the true God, strong, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. and prefer the value of eternal things.

If you fall into sin, repent and do not repeat the unlawful act. Our Lord will be willing to forgive you. Your past no longer matters but what you can do in the future. Let us have more faith.

Are you disillusioned?

Life on earth has never been so difficult as it is today. We live in a society with intense pressure on our attitudes. We often wonder why all this and we reach despair. Sometimes the situation is so serious that many give up their own lives.

I want through these words to touch the heart of each person in this author-reader connection. The situation is bad? Regardless of this, never give up on yourself. The crux of the matter is to evaluate your strategy, identify flaws and weaknesses, seek and implement solutions.

When you analyze the situation, you will find that everything has a way, it is only to use the right elements. The vagueness of life is what makes it beautiful and challenging. Apart from death, everything, absolutely everything, can be changed. So, use your persistence and faith to become a winner.

"When everyone says no to you, when it seems that all is lost and darkness surrounds you, at this moment remember: God is with you preparing a spacious, broad and clear path, something better than everything you have imagined for your life."

Materialism versus Kingdom of God

We are living a unique moment in humanity. From the twentieth century extending to the present one is known that the humanity has advanced in several aspects, especially in the scientific-technological and cultural area. In contrast, there is a deterioration in the familiar, social and religious

We are capable of flying, of communicating over long distances, of combating incurable diseases, but most are unable to value family, friends, gratitude, respect, prefer to enter a competition environment in search of money, fame, power, social status to the detriment of oneself and the other.

Nowadays, it is common the disobedience of the child to the parents, the verbal and physical aggressions, the exacerbated freedom of the young people who even before the age of majority invade the social networks subjecting themselves to dangers unquestionable. Before we had a rigid patriarchal education, now the education has become impossible. The consequences of this modernity are in the increase of delinquency, in the family tragedies, in the separation of parents and children.

In addition, society and its false moralism compel people to live a character to fit into the accepted biotype. Examples are homosexuals not assumed, women and their marriages often front, Indians and blacks who once have escaped intolerance of religious syncretism.

All this exposed, we can conclude that in order to enter the Kingdom of God, it is necessary to deny what is in the world, materialism, and to integrate the mission that Yahweh has left us. It is necessary to show love, competence, honesty, sincerity and charity in all the senses towards the next. People thus have a reserved place in the spiritual world, my father's house.

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