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The Contemporary Testament

Aldivan Teixeira Torres
The Contemporary Testament



The Contemporary Testament

Aldivan Teixeira Torres

The Contemporary Testament


By:Aldivan Teixeira Torres

©2018-Aldivan Teixeira Torres

All the rights reserved

Aldivan Teixeira Torres

Translator:Kássio Spinoza Lee

Editing and review: Aldivan Teixeira Torres

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Short Biography: Aldivan Teixeira Torres, was born in Arcoverde- PE, created the series the seer, the series sons of the light, poetry and screenplays. His literary career started at the end of 2011 with the publication of his first romance work Opposing forces – the mystery of the cave. For whatever reason, he stopped writing only resuming his career in the second half of 2013. Since then he never stopped. He hopes that his writing will contribute to the Pernambuco and Brazilian culture, arousing the pleasure of reading in those that do not yet have the habit. His motto is “For literature, equality, fraternity, justice, dignity and the human being honour for ever”.

Dedication and thanks

I dedicate this book to all who earnestly seek knowledge. Certainly, the contemporary Testament will add much information to your luggage.

I thank my good God for the opportunity to once again express his teachings so that the whole world will know him. The father is truly wonderful.


The Contemporary Testament

Dedication and thanks


The family, the base of the whole society

At work

Other Topics

Seeking dignity and honesty

The faith and uncertainty of tomorrow

Tolerance to the specificities of the other

The struggle for unity among peoples

The challenge of living in a world of evil and lies

Urban and rural violence

Who am I?

The experience of pain

The highlights of my life

Living the right ethics


Are you disillusioned?

Materialism versus Kingdom of God

The duality

Human mercy and God's mercy

What does God represent in your life?

The question of invoking the dead

The sad end of one who manipulates the power of darkness

Why the permission of so many bad things in the world?

Lend to God

To be like the ant

The things which Yahweh hates

The legacy of man

The sin of omission

The Man's Wage


The righteous will stand firm forever

The number of years is measured by justice

The hope in Yahweh

The value of discretion

The important role of leader

The question of bail

The value of beauty

Fighting for a goal

Law of Return

How to progress in life

The early bird catches the worm

Who will find God?

How much do you love me?

Learning from mistakes

Life made up of appearances

A very important decision

Tell me your works and I'll tell you who you are.

Don’t fool yourself

Good and bad children

What moves me to the practice of good

The danger of power

How much are you worth?

The life tree

The good answer

The importance of planning

The end of man

The day of justice

What I like

Man does his projects but the answer comes from Yahweh

Am I acting correctly or not?

Why does nothing work in my life?

Behold, I am the beginning, middle, and end of things

My soul

True Happiness

A reflection

I'm your guide.


What I abhor

Behold, I call my son.

Know how to share

The gift of the word


Sweetness, kindness and generosity

The value of experience

The mastery of oneself

The destiny

My school

Paths to God

Hold on tight


Behold, I have made all things

Learn to distinguish


Pay well with good

I will always love you

The challenge of living with rebels

The grace of Yahweh

Behold, I love you for all eternity.

The destination of the groups

Cheer up

The bribery


Know how to listen

I am deep water and torrential

My strength comes from Yahweh

For the desperate hearts

To give or not to give the gift?

Luck and Chance

Good to be well

I am the son of God

An advice

There's no harm in it

Social relationships

Prayer to the father

What should you do?

The favor of the powerful

Good father corrects his son.

Who is part of my flock?

How do I know if my conduct is approved by Yahweh?

Where is the faithful man?

There's no one bigger than me

All are sinners


Damn you

The value of the promises

Everything in the right measure

I am your guide and strength

The bread that had not

In school

Friendship is rare

Unrequited loves

The difficult moment and the resurrection

The guarantor

The poor and the rich

What to look for

The value of knowledge

The day of doom

The future of the just

Do not confuse things

They lie

Respect your limits

The arrow released

Follow the promises

Do not get into trouble

The pilgrims

Wherever you are I'll be with you

No separation is final

What I am looking for

I am a closed city with walls

The honor of man and of Yahweh

The unfair curse

Do not get in trouble

Do not play with what you do not know

The mask of evil

You love Me?

With a kiss you betrayed me

Do not complain about the current situation

Cherish your roots

Who's my neighbor?

The breaking of the pure heart

How can you find me?

A life analysis

Feed yourself with the fruit of your labor

Be fearless as a lion

My kingdom

I will never abandon you

I am the owner of all power and wisdom

The law of Yahweh

The prayer that I desire

Woe to the wicked

I will give you everything

Be realistic and simple


The weight of sin

Set yourself

Live reality

Easy money

Constructive criticism

Parents are sacred

Recognize the needy

Avoid sexual abomination

Be firm.

Control of opposing forces

The oppressor and the oppressed

My trust comes from Yahweh

Avoid sexual abomination

Donation and detachment has limit

The way of the eagle in the sky

The way of the serpents in the stones

The way of the ship at sea

The Way of the Man with a Young Woman

I want the best for you.

Social inequality in the world

Only the righteous shall remain

I will give you the gift of eternity

The contempt

Do not want to take anyone's place

My apostolic ants

Rats and rocks

I am the king of kings and lord of lords


A message for those who use the occult arts

Mine know me

I am the lion of David

Mother's Advice for a King (Proverbs 31: 1-9)


Do not worry about empty things

Happiness comes from Yahweh

Body death is the end of all

Think only of the eternal kingdom

The excessive competition

Unity is strength

Do not settle


The loss of fortune

A wise counsel

Stay serious

Before the impossible do not be discouraged

Who will I choose?

Separating things

The future

The Golden Rules

Do not blaspheme

Where is my happiness?

I am unfathomable

The importance of life

I'm the snake charmer

Oppression of man and divine mercy

Divine salvation when least expected

Abominate the Omission

The Divine Promise

To know how to discern

My mission

Trust me more

Pest from Egypt

The exterminator

From the dark abyss of darkness, I called my son

Trust me more

Israel as an example to the world

I will walk with you to the end of the world.

Saturday's day

I am living water and food

Hands raised

The commandments

I do not want human blood

I'll make myself known

My name is justice

The true act of generosity

The Sacrifice for Sin

What is impure?

The issue of illness

The ritual formalities

Issues related to sex

Do everything right

The question of homosexuality

Those who are in the dark

Living a Continuing Charity

Treat others as you expect to be treated

A relationship without condition

I pledge my support.

The righteous will own the land

I will never abandon you

Practice forgiveness

Equal rights

I love you

Trust is what produces the victory

I chose you

Behold, my salvation shall be

The true inheritance

The seriousness of the promises

I do not want any more wars

The danger of images

Be careful

I seek the good and faithful man

I'm god

There is no middle ground

The question of obedience

This is the way of salvation

Do not forget your origins

Be an example

Respect the freedom and belief of each

Help the poor

Do not join the bad guys

Act positively

Behold, I am in your midst.

Respect the right of the other

The danger of language

A special message

In front of sin I just cry

Love has to be lived in full

Be considerate

Respect the assets of others

Fundamental rights

The right to be happy

Practice justice

The right to land

Honor the memory

Do not hit the other

The rewards

My love is greater than everything

Do not worry about the incomprehensible

Circumcision in your hearts

The breach of trust

The things I abhor

Who loves me?

I am the source of life

Do not believe in charlatans

Do not alienate through religion

I'm not a God of Wars

Be rational

The spirit of unity

The revenge

The value of experience

I manifest myself in humility

The intrigue

The danger of power

The danger of a treacherous companion

Choosing the Right Person

The example of the priesthood

God's design

Yahweh is sovereign.

I'll make you triumph

Not all hell can beat me

Love does not have sex

The one who loves protects and cares

Is it possible to recover?

The mission of man

No one deceives Yahweh

There will be no more injustice

How to act?

A signal

The doom

Who am I

Letter to my son

The relationship between the faithful and his God

Prayer of Thirty

A Compassionate God

The way God wants to act

Human blood

The two prostitutes and the case of the dispute of the boy (1 Kings, 3, 16-28)

A temple for me

The question of animal sacrifices

There is no one like me

A promise

You have value

Where is the faith?

Prayer of Justice

From Egypt I called my son

One explanation

The wars

I still believe

Have faith

The smallness of man

Do not indulge in the malice of the enemy

The Lion of David

The righteous do not pervert

Say no to idolatry

God will provide

"How will that be?"

"Keep helping my sheep

A little light in the dark means

The human being harvests exactly what he has planted

Consultation with the spirits of evil

My memory will last forever

The value of the family

I will transform your life.

The miracle

The health

Take Advantage in the Name of the Lord


The killer

To the rulers

Love can turn into hate

The offspring of Christ

Seek true happiness

You believe?

I want to pray for you

Do not be unfair

The true law

The question of sacrifices

Always remember me


My name is Yahweh, and I am the beginning, middle, and end of all things that exist. Through my word, the foundations and structures of the universe took form transforming what was only a dream into reality. My creative work never ceases for the essence of life is eternal.

The earth is one of the most beautiful planets with life in the universe. Similar to its Kalenquer firstborn where I created the angels, I placed in this beings with intelligence of determined degree with the objective of ordering the planet. These beings are called men and my image and likeness.

During the human era, I have always sent prophets on my behalf to warn, organize and lead my believers on the planet. However, for the most part, they have been rejected in this world where evil reigns.

This is my last attempt at reconciliation with humanity, that if I remain rebellious, I will suffer the consequences, shortening the time for the arrival of the apocalypse by two thirds.

Therefore, watch, pray and listen to my son who once again deigned to visit the earth. To him all honor, glory and adoration always, amen!

The family, the base of the whole society

Everyone comes from a man and a woman and they are welcomed into the bosom of a family. It has been so since the beginning of time. The importance of the family group is reflected in the personal life of each one. If we have a good family base with solidified values, we have a great chance to be good parents, children, brothers, co-workers, in short, to be real people.

How can the current family group be defined? A family is a group of people with related personalities and goals do not necessarily have to be of the same blood. They can be included in these groups, besides a heterosexual couple, homosexual couples, single parents with children, relatives in coexistence and even communities of friends. Family is all good and are the ones we can really count on in difficult times.

Children are a delicate part of the family. Adults should strive to create in them an affective bond in such a way that they obey it. Avoid bad influences for their children and protect them from violence and crime. they are perpetuated for life.

Creating bonds and strengthening existing ones with the people closest bring more happiness and security to the human being. Validate who is by your side for all life and overcome the differences for a pleasant coexistence. Be happy.

Blood and Heart Family: There are reported cases of family abuse and rejection. Often separation is inevitable and the human being discovers greater support among strangers. The family of heart, the one who accepts you as you are, should be valued as an inbred. Thank you if you find these angels on earth.

Role of family members: A family is a social group with defined rules among its members. Parents and eldest children have an obligation to provide for the support and guidance of minor children while they have to be obedient, helpful, and dedicated to studies. It is a mutual exchange. If there is a breach of this contract, things can be unsustainable.

The importance of a religious orientation: Since young people, children should be guided as existing religious matrices. The fact that parents are of a certain religion does not give them the right to impose their will on their children. Respect the autonomy and free will of these little beings is an essential exercise for a good relationship. Regardless of their decision, love will not change.

Values to be worshiped: humanity, fidelity, loyalty, sincerity, fear of God, love, wisdom, cooperation, unity, respect, dignity, fellowship, tolerance, freedom, evolution, courage, faith and hope.

Rules: Clean the house, wake up early, cook, wash dishes, clean the room, read a good book, greet others, behave at meals, ask permission to leave and enter environments, tell them when to leave, good music relaxing, work, do good, talk, give advice, guide, study, share objects of common use, welcome visits, etcetera.

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