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The Secret Of Being Happy

Aldivan Teixeira Torres
The Secret Of Being Happy



A life marked by fantastic turns

Katty Green is a North American resident in the state of Texas. With humble origins and black skin, from early she suffered prejudice and discrimination in a very intense way. Maybe if you're rich and white you do not know how to scale what she's been through, but it's really something to worry about in a society that's evolved and globalized like ours.

Born in the seventies, a period still apartheid with massive dominance of white males and high social class. Being black, woman, and poor at this time was really a tremendous lack of luck. There was a high degree of separation between socially accepted groups and minorities.

She was born in a small neighborhood on the outskirts of the capital, the oldest of seven children. Her father was killed by drug traffickers when she was seven years old, which forced her and her mother to work as a diarist in high-concept homes in the center. It starts there a little of the nightmare that was your life.

At the age of fifteen she spent working on household chores, she was beaten, defamed and even raped. However, it was a decent job just like any other. The problem is many people who do not have principles and feel they own the world. Certainly, their fate is not good.

After this period, she made a decision that completely changed her life. She prepared everything and on a beautiful night of the full moon left the house. Before you criticize her, think that she was tired of the problems and poverty she faced. Her brothers were grown up and could live alone. Running away was the only solution to try to change your routine and try to find a new path.

What she did not know was that the world was far worse than she thought. The first few days she had passed out on the street suffering hunger, cold and contempt. One day she was rescued by a stranger who promised her a job in the noble area of the city. Lively and with new perspectives, she followed the stranger. She was housed in a really luxurious farmhouse where she served as a waitress, singer and dancer. The worst moment was to find out that she would also act as a sexual escort.

Why? What had she done wrong for life to be so unlucky? She had always been a good person, applied to work, sincere, understanding, and trusting in God. The color of her social class did not define her at all. It was still little Katty who had learned from her parents the right values to follow. She did not know for sure, but she could not be discouraged at the moment because she would always believe in God's providence especially because she was well in need.

As the beautiful story goes, faith always wins and everything has its time. The happiness of this young woman happened when she met in her work a nice young businessman. When they talked for a while, he was delighted by her and immediately invited her to live with him. For this dream to come true, he bought her rights and freed her from captivity. He took her home and started life together. The beautiful black woman began to study and as she was very intelligent she advanced all levels of American education with very high concepts. She was selected for the best university in her state where she went to study accounting. The function of the accountant is to take care of the accounting part of the company through records and control of revenues, expenses and profits. The scope of the work involves purchases, investments and actions giving a broad view of the equity. This profession was perfect for her who already had experience in home economics.

Katty improved her life both financially and personally. On a return to the past, she visited her family and watched them best. There was no need to apologize for what she did, just a glance to understand that she had never forgotten and loved them very much. The trajectory was now different. The lesson is that nothing is definitive. Nothing is so bad that it cannot change.

The economist president

Diana Morales is a world-renowned figure representing the democratic institution in a developing continent. Her story is permeated with pain, struggles, worthy desires, blunt personal experiences that have shaped her dignified and human character.

From an early age, she had an interest in participating in the political movement of her country by moving against authoritarian and undemocratic regimes. This rebellion cost her persecution, torture and a few years in prison. With the country in a somewhat more stable situation, her family was released and reintegrated. Then she went on with her life. She married, had children and graduated in economics which is an area that studies the production and distribution of goods and services in society in general among people, companies or nations. It was a preparation for her future as a citizen in its broadest sense.

Soon after, she returned to act in politics occupying important positions becoming minister of the republic. It was not long before she was invited to be president. She accepted the challenge, she was elected and with her academic experience made good progress for her country. Among the main ones, we can mention: Real increase in the minimum wage; Increased investment in public education; Scholarships for the needy youth; modernization of ports and airports; Greater middle-class access to consumer goods and leisure events; Promotion of industry and trade with record production of automobiles; Improvements in international relations with expansion in the flow of foreign trade; improvement in the income of the worker in general; Greater access of ordinary citizens to banking networks; A good value in international reserves; Financing of the state bank with zero defaults and inflation within the programmed targets.

In a globalized world, it is normal that there are crises and challenges. However, one person cannot be held responsible for the current situation in a country. One should rather combat corruption that is a dangerous evil for all. We must, as the saying goes, take away the rotten fruits so as to leave the good ones. In the day that happens we can be sure that a nation will be on the right track.

Diana for being competent and effective aroused much envy of her adversaries who, using constitutional prerogatives, removed her from the position of president. If this is going to solve the problem we do not know but it is up to us to recognize the great role that this woman represents in the world scenario. We have no doubt of its competence being affected by political-financial circumstances. Good luck to her.

The economics course is suitable for people with an innovative profile and who want to transform a reality that can act in the private or public area.

Foreign Trade Professional

Peter Kall was born into a middle-class family in London-England. He was a healthy, sturdy, handsome, and promising boy. As soon as he came into the world, he was welcomed by his family with joy and satisfaction as he was the eldest son of Estefanny and Andrew Hoffman.

They lived in a middle-class neighborhood of the capital where they had access to almost everything: schools, supermarkets, cinema, theater, bar, parks, stadiums, pharmacies. Etecetera. From a young age, the young boy enjoyed the comfort of a home, of familiar warmth, of good financial and psychological conditions.

Until one day at school more specifically in the men's toilet he was drawn to witnessing a boy urinating. This experience he kept for himself because he was afraid of the reaction of the people who lived with him. It was also too early to think about his sexual side because he was only twelve years old.

Time passed a little and he grew. He became a handsome young man, acculturated, optimist, warrior, a really nice person. Even wanting to hide from his impulses, the image of the boy urinating still filled his mind making him think of something more concrete. It was trying to find his sexual identity that he left with a boy and a girl. With the girl, he did not pass the preliminaries finding it all very annoying. Already with the boy he liked it a lot and as he was experienced it made him feel in the seventh heaven. It was shameful to admit but despite everything he could face that he was homosexual. Unlike most people think, it was not a question of choice, but rather an orientation that he had brought from his conception of something larger in terms of genetics suits.

The first goal had been achieved. Now, he had two options: Deny this important part of his life because sex is health or take over. As he was a young battler, he chose the second option. From discovery he went on to planning how and when to reveal his identity to his parents. After much thinking, he decided to talk to them right on his birthday. This was done. At a gathering attended by those closest to him, he celebrated the most important date of his life. When it all calmed down, he summoned his parents and the three of them moved into a reserved room. Speaking gently, he explained his situation and his wishes, concluding that he loved them very much. At this moment, something seems to have broken down, their parents changed color and they lowered their heads in disgust. How could their boy of such a good family could lend himself to such a thing? Speaking rudely, they were unanimous in not accepting and nonconformists resolved to expel the child from home. They simply did not want any more contact with that freak. This word they named their beloved son.

Full of pain and despair, Peter was forced to pack his bags and when they were ready he left without a destination. It was night and he had no idea what to do or where to go. He thought for a minute, used his cell phone, and called his aunt for an address for a few days. He did not go into detail but mentioned that he had family problems. Lucky for him, his aunt accepted him, and then he went to his house a few blocks away. The first problem was partially solved. Life was going to follow with him guarding wounded marks of his past life. Maybe he was never the same.


Aunt Evellyn was a lovely person because she knew how to understand his reasons and welcome him. But he knew he had to act immediately so he would not be dependent on the others. Delivering resumes in the neighborhood, he had some job offers. He ended up finding a job as a waiter. With the salary, he could move from his aunt's house and gain his independence. That's exactly what he did. Concomitantly, he attended college entrance examination and as he was very intelligent and prepared he went on the busy foreign trade course. This professional understands the methods of buying and selling products and services, between companies and governments of diverse countries. When graduating in this area, this young man had the opportunity to stabilize himself in the labor market and realize his dreams.

One of his trips abroad was that he knew his great love. Ricardo, Portuguese from Lisbon, a tall brunette, slim, slim body, light brown eyes, soft skin. He was an international ambassador and fell in love at first sight. They met for a while, traveled extensively together and agreed to live in Paris, away from the evil looks of both families. They were aware that they could not have everything, but just having each other's company they would enjoy immense happiness.

Time has advanced, they have grown older, studied harder, and have adopted some children. Their happiness then was complete. They were a family with full rights like any other and would not allow anyone to humiliate or despise them. All the dark past was left behind. Now they would be lords of their own history until death do them part.

A profession that gives priority to elites

We were in São Paulo in the eighties. The couple formed by Rodrigo Silva and Samanta Teixeira were struggling to survive in a big city. From the Northeast, the first one was metallurgical, and the second one was caring for the elderly in an asylum. What they earned was barely enough to survive but compared to the catastrophic reality the north-east lived on it was much better.

At one point, both of them lost their jobs and because they did not have enough professional qualifications, a job placement would not be easy. They even tried a few times, but every time the answer was negative. Without alternatives, they decided to return to their land in search of new horizons.

Arriving there, they used labor indemnity money to open a small business, an assortment of groceries. If all went well, they could support themselves and their three young children. Because they were hard-working, things began to thrive. The children grew up with different goals. One was applied to the studies, another one more related to the businesses of the family and the third one was deficient.

Barbara was the name of the girl who was an example of dedication to school. It was the pride of the family. Her sister retired and her brother followed in the family business. Calculator, sensible, beautiful and smart, soon caught everyone's eye. She chose as faculty to study the actuarial sciences that is a branch that uses the knowledge and calculations to elaborate plans of insurance or pension and realization of other financial operations that involve risk. As she chose correctly and was well applied, she was successful and soon got a good job placement in a bank.

As soon as she began to work, little by little, she was fulfilling her dreams and those of the family. This was a prize for all the joint effort they had in life. But as not everything can be obtained, she was unhappy in the personal life. Her dream, as any woman, was to marry but because of the circumstances and her temper she was never able to understand with anyone. She's still in the fight for her soul mate, but maybe she's probably never going to make it. The most important thing she has achieved: Personal satisfaction, stability and independence. Good luck to her.

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