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Tim Vicary




Terrorists don’t care who they kill or hurt; they’re not interested in justice for other people, only in bombs and guns and killing – and in escaping from the law themselves. But there is another kind of justice, an older kind, before there were police and laws and prisons. It’s called an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life…

The bomb goes off in the Queen’s coach outside Parliament, killing five people, and only just missing the Queen. Jane Cole is watching from the crowd. Her father was driving the Queen’s coach, and now Jane, sick with fear, pushes through the terrified crowd to look for him. She finds him lying on the ground, covered in blood and screaming in pain.

Alan Cole lives, but he loses his leg. And the terror for him and his daughter is only just beginning, because Alan knows something about the terrorists. He hasn’t realized it yet, but he soon will.

And somebody, somewhere, desperately wants to stop Alan Cole realizing… and talking.

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‘Look!’ Jane Cole said. ‘Here she comes now!’

The two Americans looked along the street. There were crowds of people everywhere. In the middle of the road, soldiers were riding towards them on horseback. Behind them came a golden coach, pulled by six black horses.

‘That’s my father,’ Jane said. ‘He’s the coachman – the man driving the horses.’

The American woman said: ‘Fantastic! Your father’s driving the Queen! Quick, Harry, use the video camera!’

‘I am using it!’ her husband said. ‘But she’s too far away. Can’t we get a little nearer, Jane?’

‘We can try,’ Jane said. ‘Follow me!’ She took them nearer to the entrance to Parliament. ‘This is where the coach will stop and the Queen will get out. Then she’ll go upstairs to open Parliament for this year.’

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