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The gravity paradigm. Extraterrestrial civilizations. Series: Physics of a highly developed civilization

Ivan Vasilyevich Ponomarenko
The gravity paradigm. Extraterrestrial civilizations. Series: Physics of a highly developed civilization




The main obstacle to knowing the truth

it is not a lie, but a semblance of the truth.

(Leo Tolstoy)


The real book "The paradigm of gravity of extraterrestrial civilizations" was prepared by us based on the information of highly developed, which brings scientific information to earthlings in order to advance humanity to a new, higher level of knowledge about nature. This highly developed civilization is located in the star cluster "Stozhary" (Western European name – Pleiades", Japanese – "Subaru"), the second star, the third planet.

Contact of a highly developed civilization was carried out with Ivan Vasilyevich Ponomarenko and lasted for about ten years. During this time, representatives of a highly developed civilization taught him to see physical processes that ordinary people, due to the imperfection of their senses, do not see (so scientists have to theorize). However, it is not enough to teach "seeing", it is necessary to understand what you see and bring "seen" to others. Therefore, for almost ten years, a highly developed civilization contacted Ivan Vasilyevich Ponomarenko, answered his questions if he did not understand anything, and together analyzed difficult moments for understanding. And only after making sure that he correctly understands and correctly explains what he saw, the highly developed civilization broke off Contact. The interruption of Contact does not mean that Ivan Vasilyevich has lost the ability to see and understand what he saw. He can now watch the physical process that interests him at any time, so Ivan Vasilyevich Ponomarenko does not forget anything.

Information usually comes to him in the form of a high-quality color dynamic image (video in 3 d format?), and Ivan Vasilyevich Ponomarenko himself is "placed" as if inside the physical process under consideration. For example, if we are talking about an atom, then Ivan Vasilyevich Ponomarenko sees this atom from the inside. The same can be said about the internal structure of the Earth, for example, or about the internal structure of elementary particles.

Tikhomirov Evgeny Alekseevich is an assistant to Ivan Vasilyevich Ponomarenko in the design of his works. Ivan Vasilyevich Ponomarenko was told by representatives of a highly developed civilization that he would have an assistant. So it turned out, Evgeny Tikhomirov began to help Ivan Vasilyevich Ponomarenko on his own initiative (no one forced or ordered him), because he unconditionally believed Ivan Vasilyevich Ponomarenko, based on the nature of his information. In our opinion, it is impossible to lie, or come up with such athing yourself. At least, our physical geniuses, although they have a very highly developed imagination, could not correctly imagine how nature works. Nature turned out to be both simpler and more complex (not like this) as our physical geniuses imagined.

In this paper, there are no theories, and, consequently, no mathematical apparatus. This is understandable, because all information is provided at the level of phenomenology – a person sees and understands what he sees, so no theory or mathematical apparatus is needed. Of course, if scientists use Ivan Vasilyevich Ponomarenko's information in any way, his information will need a mathematical apparatus, but not in order to prove anything (physics is not proved by mathematics), but in order to be able to calculate what needs to be calculated. But this will not cause our theorists any difficulties, since our theorists know mathematics much better than physics.

1. A Brief analysis of existing theories of gravity

Most people believe that we, earthlings, have only two theories of gravity: "the Law of universal gravitation" and "General relativity". Moreover, the Law of universal gravitation is supposedly a special case of General relativity. And if that's the case, most people think we have the same theory. In fact, even the generally accepted theories of gravity are much more numerous, if you don't believe them, you can check Wikipedia. We will not bore you, gentlemen readers, with the disclosure of the essence of each theory, especially since all our theories of gravity are untenable. Let's just list these theories and characterize them in groups.

General relativity theory

Einstein's Theory – Cartana

Theory Bransa – Dikke

Quantum theory of gravity

String theory

Loop quantum gravity

Causal dynamic triangulation.

Here is a related group of theories of gravity, which is headed by General relativity. All the others –are rehashes of it. Almost all theories of this group postulate a four-dimensional space-time, and space itself is material, since it can bend, trace, and have a structure. (In dynamic triangulation, four-dimensionality and pseudo-Euclidean space time on macroscopic scales are not postulated in it, but are a consequence of the theory). Space in these theories, in fact, is destroyed and is matter, because the authors of these theories gave space the property of matter (flexibility). Therefore, the use in these theories of the term "space" it is only a tribute to tradition and is not legitimate. Space in these theories is postulated as a special bendable matter. All these theories of gravity also postulate that time is real (it can slow down and, consequently, accelerate). However, a highly developed civilization has established that space is not real, therefore, it has no structure and cannot bend. Similarly, time is not real, and therefore cannot be slowed down or accelerated. Time is not a physical concept at all and there is only a counter for our convenience. Time, as a physical category, does not exist.

Therefore, all these theories of gravity are untenable. On this basis, we exclude them, including General relativity, from further consideration and will continue to analyze only the law of universal gravitation, since all of them are untenable at the stage of assumptions and postulates.

Since the brilliant Einstein, through mathematical speculation, declared the Law of universal gravitation to be a special case of the theory of relativity, then we should have included the Law of universal gravitation in the same group of theories. Prove that the law of universal gravitation is only a special case of General relativity, It was very difficult for Einstein, because Newton's gravity is clearly a force, and Einstein's at is the geometry of space. It turned out that force = geometry, which contradicts elementary logic. But a genius armed with mathematics can easily overcome all logical difficulties, for the sake of the higher logic of space-time.

There is another theory of gravity that is not generally accepted, but it is held by a huge army of alternative scientists. We mean the theory of universal pushed Lesage. According to this theory, all material bodies are pushed to each other by the ether, because these material bodies shield each other from the ether and therefore the number of ether impacts between bodies is less than outside these bodies. This theory, of course, is untenable, because the brilliant Einstein showed that the ether does not exist in nature. Even more radical was Ivan Vasilyevich Ponomarenko, who clearly and unambiguously stated on the basis of information from a highly developed civilization that there is no ether or physical vacuum in nature. At the same time, this theory will be useful to us in the future, and we will remember it in the right place.

2. Difficulties of the law of universal gravitation

So, the law of gravitation says that substance is attracted to substance (mass to mass). The main difficulty of this theory is that the entire million-year experience of Homo sapiens on Earth suggests that substance is not attracted to substance. Humanity has not noticed, for example, that two boulders are crawling towards each other, just as the sand on the beach for some reason does not grasp gravity into a monolith, but remains loose. The rings of Saturn have not fallen into one big piece for millions of years, and each piece of ice continues to revolve around Saturn independently and separately from the others.

In 1847, E. Rocha posed and allegedly solved the problem of rings

Saturn, because they are below the so-called E. Roche limit, when the ice floes are torn apart by tidal forces, so they cannot make up one large body.

"Limit Rocha – the distance from the planet (star) to its satellite, closer than which, the satellite is destroyed by tidal forces. When a satellite moves in an orbit around a planet (star), the force of its attraction acting on the satellite element is compensated by the centrifugal force only at its center of mass. At all other points of the satellite, there is no such equality, which determines the tidal force" (end of quote from Wikipedia)

The E. Roche limit is thus a pure and untested postulate. Where did E. Rocha get the idea that the centrifugal force is applied to the center of mass? (The resultant of all forces is applied to the center of mass in order to simplify the solution of problems and clarity, and secondly, any inertia forces are not applied, but are created, and are created by the mass). Any force of inertia, a kind of which is the centrifugal force, is created by each elementary particle of matter, because they have mass. And there are no tidal forces. The center of mass, on the other hand, may not have any mass at all, since it may come to an interatomic void. In the same way, gravity acts on every elementary particle of matter, with the exception of the electron (but more on this later), so no tidal forces and the internal stresses caused by them do not arise. This is confirmed by practice – the water spilled on the International Space Station is formed into a ball by the forces of surface tension, and if there were tidal forces, the water would take the form of an ellipsoid. Therefore, the so-called "tidal forces" do not remove difficulties from the Law of Universal gravitation, because they do not exist in nature.


To be precise, it is due to the fact that electrons are not attracted to the source of gravity, but they also form a centrifugal force, and some tidal forces and internal stresses arise in the body, but the mass of the electron is so minuscule that these forces and stresses can be ignored. In addition, electrons are naturally not concentrated in the center of mass, but are evenly distributed throughout the entire volume of the body.

The next difficulty of the law of universal gravity is the strange behavior of the atmosphere. It is known that the density of air decreases with altitude, so that water or any liquid boils at a lower temperature with increasing altitude above sea level than at sea level. Orthodox explains this fact by the fact that with increasing altitude, the attraction to the Earth decreases from this and the pressure of the atmosphere decreases. However, there are different ways to reach heights of 4000 meters, for example. You can climb to an altitude of 4000 meters in a hot air balloon, or you can climb to an altitude of 4000 meters on some mountain of the Pamir’s or the Caucasus. The result will be the same-the water in the balloon basket and on the mountain platform will boil at the same reduced temperature. But according To the law of gravity, this should not be the case. If in the first case, in a balloon, we really moved away from the source of gravity by 4000 meters, then in the second case, when climbing a mountain, we did not move away from the source of gravity one iota. On the contrary, we found ourselves in a place of increased gravity, because to the mass of the Earth we must add the mass of the mountain. In other words, according to the law of universal gravitation, the density of the atmosphere should statistically repeat the terrain on average, naturally increasing over the mountains and decreasing over the valleys, but this is not the case. Atmospheric pressure does not depend on the method of ascent to a height, which causes difficulties In the law of universal gravitation.

For the first time, the attraction substance of substance to was "proved" by Cavendish's experience with torsion scales. By the way, if there were tidal forces according to E. Roche, then Cavendish would not be able to prove anything, since Cavendish set his torsional scales clearly below the limit of E. Roche, and tidal forces are obliged to break any very insignificant interaction. It should be said that the torsion scale device is very accurate, very sensitive and even too accurate. We need to measure a very small quantity, but at the same time there are many invisibly present in the experiment, which are comparable in their magnitude to the measured quantity. Here you have the centrifugal force from the rotation of the Earth around its axis, and the centrifugal force from the rotation of the Earth around the Sun, and the Carioles force. Let us also briefly note that the Hungarian researcher Baron Etvesh used the same torsional scales to determine not the force of attraction between substance, but the difference in the force of attraction of material bodies and their centrifugal force of inertia resulting from the rotation of the Earth around its axis. In addition, we can't be sure that we know all the factors involved. In addition, we need to be sure that we do not even have a hint of air movement, or uneven heating of the interacting masses. You also need to be sure that there is no induced charge on the interacting masses. In addition, Cavendish and his repeaters in modern times worked only with metals. No one has tried to work with granite, or with wood, which is a lack of experience (or maybe they did, but it didn't work out, so we don't know anything about it). In our opinion, Cavendish's experiments in the atmosphere are not correct at all, since it is known that air molecules are in constant Brownian motion and, when the interacting masses are very close to each other, they shield each other from the repulsive impacts of the molecules, but do not shield them from the approach. There is an effect similar to the invention of Lesage, when he said that the bodies shield the ether. But we do not have a hypothetical ether, which does not exist in nature, but quite real air molecules, which push bodies towards each other during Brownian motion. Therefore, the experiments of Cavendish, and then of Baron Etvesh, prove nothing. They should be carried out in deep space, away from gravitational bodies and so that there is no atmosphere.

When systematic scientific studies of the habitat began, the difficulties of the law of universal gravitation continued to grow and have now reached critical importance. Specially conducted experiments have shown that Everest does not deflect the plumb line, which contradicts the law of universal gravitation.

In the XXI century, attempts to lower a tripod for a lighthouse, or a small probe for taking soil from an asteroid, have become more frequent. I must say that all attempts to "land" or "land" something on an asteroid end unsuccessfully. It would seem that what is easier, but no-tripods and devices aimed at the asteroid, knock on it, fly off and fly again into space. It is very characteristic that not a single object began to revolve around the asteroid. All this indicates the failure of both the law of universal gravitation and the General theory of relativity.

At the end of 2018, Japanese researchers managed to lower the asteroid to the surface Ryugu has two rovers equipped with special eccentrics. Rovers bounce on the "asteroid" and take pictures of the surrounding area. It seems that this successful experience confirms the Law of universal gravitation. However, on the contrary, good luck with the "asteroid" Ryugu just refutes the law of universal gravitation, because according to the calculation, the acceleration of free fall on this small "asteroid" is only 0.1483 mm/sec2, but in fact the acceleration of free fall is visually quite significant. Why this "success" of Japanese scientists occurred and why we write the word "asteroid" in quotation marks, we will explain a little later, when we describe the new paradigm of gravity. Here we just note that Orthodox and alternative scientists, unfortunately, do not distinguish between stars, planets, satellites and asteroids, believing that they all consist only of matter – this is a fundamental mistake of natural science.

When scientists studying substance, discovered the photon, this discovery gave the Law of universal gravitation even more difficulties, since the photon , according to Orthodox ideas, has no mass, and therefore should not have been attracted to the Earth. However, the work of the young Ginzburg showed that the photon is attracted to the Earth. Since Ginzburg was a relativist and firmly believed in Einstein's General theory of relativity, the attraction of a photon to the Earth did not cause him any special difficulties, since according to his and Einstein's ideas, gravity is just a curvature of space near a gravitating body. But now we know that space is not curved. This was confirmed by the full academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Valery Anatolyevich Rubakov (Rubakov assures everyone that it is experimentally proven that the sum of the angles of a triangle for distant objects is 180 degrees) and Ivan Vasilyevich Ponomarenko. At the same time, Ginzburg also had a little difficulty, since Einstein "proved" that the law of universal gravitation is only a special case of General relativity. Ginzburg did not overcome this minor difficulty.

The attraction of photons to the Earth was also confirmed in their experiments by “etherists” (alternative scientists who believe in the ether). In particular, the “etherist” scientist Dovzhenko made good experiments with a laser beam, which showed that photons are not only attracted to the Earth, but are also attracted differently depending on the phase of the Earth's rotation. This refuted both the law of Universal gravitation and the General Theory of Relativity. Of course, Dovzhenko never proved that there is any ether, since there is no ether or physical vacuum in nature, and any indirect experience can be explained in different ways. Dovzhenko's experiments will be analyzed in more detail after getting acquainted with the new paradigm of gravity, since they become clear only after getting acquainted with the new paradigm. Here we draw attention to the most important conclusion – an object that has no mass is attracted to the Earth.

The next difficulty of the law of universal gravitation is the indifference of cosmic objects to the so – called "parades" of planets-this is when the planets, moving along their orbits, line up in one line. In the twentieth century, scientists greatly frightened us with "parades" of planets, predicting all sorts of bad things, but in practice nothing terrible and terrible ever happened during "parades" of planets, so in the XXI century they stopped scaring us. The planets are quite indifferent and indifferent to their "parades". At the same time, according to the law of universal gravitation, “parades" of planets should lead to terrible and irreversible catastrophes. Even if during a single "parade" of planets there was a slight convergence of planets-this does not mean anything. "Parades" of planets are not such a rare phenomenon, and for many billions of years of the Solar system's existence, all the planets should have collided and fallen apart, but this did not happen, which contradicts the Law of universal gravity. On one of the physics forums, our opponents countered that any gravitational perturbations of the orbits of Planets that occur during their "parade" are quickly restored according to the rule of thumb Titius-Bode and the planets return to their stationary orbits. According to opponents, this rule "saves" law of universal gravitation. However, the rule is Titius-Bode – is a rule of thumb and doesn't explain in the slightest the mechanism by which planets return to their stationary orbits. Simple formal logic says that if objects are brought together, then in order to return to their original state, the objects must push off. Therefore, to explain the mechanism of triggering the rule Titius-Bode we will have to attract anti-gravity (repulsion). Otherwise, it is impossible to explain the mechanism of operation of this rule of thumb. For the first time, we use anti-gravity to explain the interaction of space objects.

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