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Voices Of Light

Aldivan Teixeira Torres
Voices Of Light



— The Village of Jeritacó? Do you Know?

— Yes, I do. I've been there several times. Where are you?

— I'm in downtown city, next to the Raio da Esperança (Ray of Hope).

— Oh, I know where it is. Wait a minute, I'll be right there.

— OK.

— See you soon.

— See you.

The call got disconnected. The son of God keeps the cellphone in his backpack and begins to pay attention for the movement of the streets. When his taxi arrives, he would signalize with his hands for a faster recognition. Hope it doesn’t take too long, thinking to himself, because it was already 9:30am.

The wish of the Seer is attended by the Gods. About ten minutes later his taxi arrives, he enters into the car (a silver Gol model, year 2013) with his suitcase and concerns. Greets Wellington, he reciprocates and is then given the starting towards the final destination: The village of Jeritacó.

Fifteen minutes later from the start point, they leave the city limits, take a precarious and dirt road and then Wellington took the opportunity to strike up a conversation.

— I just forgot. Where are you from?

— I'm Natural from Arcoverde/PE and you?

— I’m actually from Ibimirim. Tell me, what is your interests in the village?

— Nothing in special. I’m going to visit a friend I met, and seek for a new story.

— Story? Are you a writer?

— Yes. I am the author of the series The Seer who has already four ready books.

— I haven’t heard yet. What are the titles and themes of the books?

— Opposing Forces - The Mystery of the Cave is the debut book whose main cloth is to fight for a dream and a journey through time seeking to correct injustices, help someone to find himself and gather the unbalanced opposing forces. The second title is called The Dark Night of the Soul and it was inspired by a difficult and critical moment of my life. It brings as main lesson the power of forgiveness and the recovery even in the most difficult situations. " The meeting between the two worlds" is a journey into the past trying to find origins. Talks about the gifts, the fight against elites and injustice and the value of persistence. Finally, concluded recently, " The Testament - The Code of God " that tells the story of Phillipe, a human being marked by a big tragedy, and his meeting with Lord - different from the traditional conceptions - that is able to change his world point of view and give you the tools necessary to resume his life. This is the most important book of the humanity.

— Very interesting. Do you have any copy with you?

— I have the first.

Aldivan rummages for a moment his suitcase, found the book and gives it to Wellington. As he was driving, he puts the book in the compartment beside him. then restart the conversation.

— I Like a lot to read. What I don’t have is time, because I work the whole day, but at my first day off I will read your book. I promise.

— Thank you.

— You're welcome.

The conversation instantly stops and then the two are concentrated in their respective offices. While Wellington drives, the son of God pays attention to the completely unknown landscape. Up ahead, the road converges close on the banks of a large dam, so big that you could not see the end. Aldivan couldn’t contains his curiosity.

— What's the name of this dam?

— It calls Poço da Cruz, the largest in the state.

— Damn! Extremely large. But it seems a little dry.

— Consequences of the recent droughts and the irrational use of water. In the past, it generated a lot of income for the region through irrigation projects.

— Oh, I see, what a pity that practically dried up. But nature is wise.

— This is the Northeast. We have to live with this problem, the drought, I believe that for a long time because many important government projects have not been completed yet.

— I agree. But we should not only expect government action. We must fight with our weapons.

— Which one, for example?

— Rational use of water, construction of tanks, drill wells, be an active citizen in society. Among other examples.

— I’m going to do this.

— OK.

New pause in the conversation. They continue following the dirt road with her curves and straight lines, now surrounded by both the river Moxotó as the Poço da Cruz dam. In the background, small land elevations covered with the caatinga, typical vegetation of the region. The Seer gets increasingly impressed with the local beauty, a Europe in the semi-arid Northeastern. Brazil that worth visiting and thanks to his profession that emerged this unique opportunity.

They continue to advance swiftly on the hit sand road circling the Moxotó river and the Poço da Cruz dam from the left and right sides respectively. During the rest of the way, they take a cool chat between them involving various subjects in order to be distracted. With this, they don’t even realize the wide time they spent.

Exactly one hour later, they complete the route reaching to the rustic village consists of just one central street with houses scattered here and there. They stop in the middle of town, the Seer pays the ticket, promises to call him when he went back and finally say goodbye. Immediately the taxi makes the return and now Aldivan was alone, except by the invisible company of his father who continually protected him. The destiny was about to unfold.

He walks a few meters, watching the clock and checks that it was almost 11:00am. Then hastens step and enter a grocery store to ask for directions. Enters on the property which was only composed of a simple interspace filled by the counter and shelves containing food. He excuses and went to talk to the only one attendant available.

— Hi, how are you? My name is Aldivan and wanted to know the location of Emanuel's house. Do you know?

— My name is Pamela. Yes, I do know Emanuel. He lives in a hovel at the end of the street at number 35. You only need to go straight. Can I know the why you are looking for him?

— I'm his friend, but the reason I came here is private.

— Oh, I understand. I’m sorry.

— It was nothing. Thanks for the info. Goodbye.

— Goodbye.

After that, the Son of God leave the property, back to walk on the streets and follow the guidelines of Pâmela. In five minutes he reaches the destination, a low hovel, made mud and straw full of cracks in its four meters wide with six of long and two of high. In a few steps, leans against the door and right on that time his heart speeds up. What awaited him? His intuition would confirm or would he faces a new frustration? Were they at home? These and other questions came fast through his mind and would only be resolved at the time he take courage and knocked the door. And that's exactly what our solemn personage does firmly. Hit one, two, three times. In his latest attempt, he hears someone was dragging flip flops. Someone approached.

A moment later, the door opens and from inside emerges a white old man, about sixty years or so, medium height, muscular body, but normal, white hair without dyeing, beautiful features, but wrinkled by the time, wore wide shorts, sandals beach type and mesh shirt. When faced with the son of God casts a mysterious look and asks:

— Who are you? What are you looking?

My name is Aldivan Teixeira Tôrres and I’m looking for a young man named Emanuel. Does he live here?

— Aldivan? Oh yes. Emanuel is my son and he mentioned you in a conversation. Sorry for that. Get inside. The house is simple but is always open to my son’s friends.

— Thank you. Excuse-me.

Aldivan enters into the hovel accompanied by the host. Inside, the shack was about to a single corridor where there were scattered a bookcase with TV, radio and some images of saints at the beginning on the right side, an old armchair with five seats on the left side; in the center, a simple table with three stools arranged around. On the right, at the end, two pole beds with grass mattress, and on the left side, a stove powered by coal which were several pots.

The host offers to the visitor a stool and he gladly accept it. As he still was full of doubts, Aldivan starts the conversation again.

— What is your name, Sir?

— I’m Messias Escapuleto. My family have Italian origin.

— Oh! That cool. What about Emanuel? Where is him?

— He’s working, but won’t take too much to arrive. Look, can you excuse me? I have a pot on the fire and have to take care or the food will get burned.

— Sure, feel free.

Messias departs for a moment. It is enough for the son of God give a better peek around. What was still the reality of many Brazilians living in extreme poverty and this increases his admiration for those personagess. The fact of being poor did not mean he did not make efforts to have a better life, by what he knew about them.

A moment later, Messias returns from what would be the kitchen in order to make company to visitors after finish preparing the lunch. He sits on a stool beside him and gently takes over the conversation.

— I just forgot. Where are you from?

— I'm Natural from Arcoverde/PE and you?

— As I told you, my family comes from Italy, Sicily region. After a recession in the country my grandfather and my grandmother migrated to here looking for better life conditions. Initially they lived in the Southeast, interior of São Paulo state. They thrived with the cultivation of coffee, but after serious disagreements there, they had to flee and the chosen destination was the Northeast. I inherited this shack from them.


— Damn! What a story! You should be proud.

— Yes. I am proud to be honest, upright and dedicated. The rest does not matter.

— I agree. We are alike.

The eyes from Messias shine because something strange was happening: a strange chemistry between the two despite not knowing each other. Before they returned to talk to, someone knocks at the door, he asks for excuses and go answer the door. When opening the door, faced with his son and together they get into the hut.

Realizing the presence of Aldivan, Emanuel go immediately greet him with a big hug. The Seer returns the affection. And Messias intervenes:

— Let's have the lunch, the food is getting cold.

Aldivan and Emanuel agrees. They were really hungry and couldn’t wait. Given the convening from the head of the house, takes a stools and place them on the edge of the table. Meanwhile, Messias go get the food that was on the stove.

Within seconds, he returns and begins to serve them. The menu was beans with flour, rice and fried eggs and nobody complained. The worse was getting hungry. At the end, he also serves himself, sit at the table and together the three begin to eat. The atmosphere was conducive to trialogue and this is what happens moments later.

— What are you thinking about our beloved village? (Emanuel)

— Very nice. I like the fresh country air and tranquility. (The son of God)

— How nice. I asked you to come here because our proposal: Writing a new exciting series. (Emanuel)

— Yes. What's your idea? (The son of God)

— Your presence is important. I want you to help me to convince my father to prove himself. (Emanuel)

— How that? What do you hide Mr. Messias? (The son of God became interested)

— This is Emanuel’s Foolishness. Do not mind. (He tried to dodge)

— Foolishness? And what are those lights sprinkle on your body at night? And the fact that I never met my mother or even why you never advance in age? (Emanuel replied)

— How that? (asked the Seer amazed)

— That's what I said. Since I was child I knew him the same way he is today. You can talk, Dad. He is the son of God, worthy of trust. (Asked Emanuel)

Messias blushes. In his long life, someone never had placed him against the wall like that. Was he in his time? Before he could think in the answer, investigates the visitor aura using his secret power and gets amazing about what he finds. There, in front of him, was the purest being of the universe without any visible blemish. Would it be the master of light promised by Yahweh? There was only one way to find out: Put him to a test and verify the authenticity of his character.

— All right. You won. Yes, I am different and I think I have a mission with you. But I want a prove that you are the son of God indeed. (Sentenced him)

— What should I do? (The Seer)

— You will be with us for seven days in a training with me. You and my son. If approved, you will have the necessary to start your series. (Messias)

— It's ok. (The son of God)

— A Fair exchange. (Observed Emanuel)

— Now, let’s care about the food. (Messias)

The lunch continues in peace. At the end, the Son of God calls to his boss and to your home warning that will be out from his duties for seven days. After, keep his suitcase and go take a quickly rest in a makeshift mattress. The die was cast.

Two hours later, the Seer is awake by his two new friends. Still a little stunned, rises and then the conversation restarts.

— Are you ready, Son of God? (Messias)

— I think so. What we have for today? (The son of God)

— Our Challenge is to test your capabilities in seven pillars: love, mercy, justice, charity, tolerance, patience and faith. I have a guess and I want to take the test. (replied Messias)

— I Got it. I'm ready - he said.

— Dad, don’t tell me you're thinking in ...? what if he dies? (Emanuel)

— Don’t worry. I almost never mistaken. (Messias)

— I hope so. (Emanuel)

— I think it's very good. I don’t mind taking risks. (The son of God)

— Very well. Follow me. (Messias)

Messias approaches his grass bed, reaches down and pulls out a bag under the bed. Opens the main zipper pulling out from inside a large cord with gold crucifix. He sits and motioning for the others to do the same. then begins to explain:

— This Crucifix I inherited from my grandfather being beatified by the Pope of the time in Italy. It is an important artifact and very dangerous for mediums. Are you willing to use it, the Son of God, even for a moment?

— What's the point? (The son of God)

— Test the power of love - replied the advisor.

— Can I try it too? (Emanuel)

— No my son. Does not matter now. (Messias)

The son of God looks at the object of desire and finds that there is something special. Somehow he already knew the outcome. However, he did not understand. He gets up, approaches over Messias and offers his neck. He gently places the cord with the crucifix and Aldivan then moves in with it in the only corridor in the hovel.

Immediately his mediumship begins to act and within seconds travels to worlds not totally unknown. The impact is so big that he sits on the floor, feeling a headwind and with no more strength lies down on the clay floor.

From this moment begins a disturbing dream oscillating the creation of the universe, the angelic creation and their rebellions, of human creation involving the Garden of Eden, Atlantis, Tower of Babel, Egypt, Israel, France and other countries. Although not everything enough clear, he suffers and in the end rejoices. He was a winner in all human and heavenly steps and wouldn’t be a fail in this incarnation.

At the end of a dream he sees a big light sprinkles in all directions and is big its hosting his cause. Right on that moment, he wakes up and doing so find your friends watching him. He gets up and approaches them again sitting beside them in the grass bed. The conversation then restarts.

— How was your experience, Son of God? Can you define us what love is? (Asked Messias)

— It was amazing. A real travel through time. What love is? Love is what I carry in the chest and runs in my veins, it's my essence. It is an act of courage, resignation, release and donation. For love I created my universe and expand me, for the love I fought for my cause and faithful people in the wars, for love I gave my body, blood and soul for humanity. For love I returned to Earth even without it have merit. In this new life, I loved, disappointed, failed, lift and give myself every day to my work and all the people I love. My love is not measured and covers the spiritual and body aspects. I am love in person. (The son of God)

— Touching ......! (Emanuel exclaimed in tears)

— I ... am amazed! You are unique, Aldivan. This is a small proof of who you are. Can we continue discovering you? (Messias)

— Of course. That’s why I came here. I want to find out what the destiny holds for me and the universe of my readers. Keep always on going! (The son of God)

— It's ok. For today that’s all. Can I ask you something while you're here? (Messias)

— Make yourself comfortable. (The son of God)

— Could help us in cleaning? (Messias)

— I’m not very good in these things, but yes, I am committed to help. (Aldivan)

— Thank you. (Messias)

— Oh cool. I also want to help. If you have any questions, just ask me, Aldivan. (Emanuel)

— OK. (The Seer)

— Then you two can start. (said Messias)

Serving the suggestion from the head of the house, they went to get, in what would be the kitchen, two handmade brooms made of grass from the forest and a jug of water. Immediately divide the sectors of home for each other, they use a little of water on the floor and then start sweeping.

While they are working, absentmindedly chatting in order to know each other better. They talk about their personal lives, their work, their family, loves, expectations, business and the new series they had in mind. Everything was very nice and cozy in the small hovel.

They keep cleaning for about two hours and at the end they went to prepare the dinner that would be chicken soup. As Head of the house, Messias distributes the tasks and all them obey. In this new activity, he would spend another hour.

At the end, they have dinner and talk a little more for a total of thirty minutes. It was exactly 6:00pm, the night arrives and then the lamps are lit to help brighten the place. They kept another five minutes in the room and then it is suggested that they went out to watch the night because they had nothing more important to do. They take then the stools, run through the single corridor, beyond the exit and stand in front of the house.

Messias then begins to teach:

— My friends, see those stars? Each one is a tiny point on the infinitude of the universe. So are we: small in our assignments, but big on the whole, of the light.

— I agree. When looking at this immensity, I feel something special that I cannot explain. (Son of God)

— Things from past lives? (Intervened Emanuel)

— Perhaps. I only know that I am part of something bigger even though many do not believe me - he explained.

— It's Okay, we all make part of one form or another. We are spirits travelers, so, we do not belong to this world. I will use a saying of the master: "The Spirit blows on us, but we do not know where they come from nor where it goes." (Messias)

— A mystery. (Emanuel)

— That’s why God has brought us together here so we can, through training out, discover at least part of the truth. (Messias)

— Could you Give us more details about the proposed training? (The son of God)

— Calm down. Be patient, this should be confidential as well as our secrets - said he.

— Why? Is that serious? (Aldivan)

— You Also has your secrets. I will answer if you take the initiative. Do you agree? (Messias)

The Seer exchange glances. He didn’t expect this proposal. Truly this man was smarter and knowledgeable than he thought. Better stay in silent.

At the indecision of the Seer, Messias takes over the conversation.

— I knew it. Glad you understand it is not the time for that.

— All right, Dad. We’ll wait your decision. (Intervened Emanuel)

— Very well. Continuing, each one of us has an important role to play in the development and balance of the universe. It is up to us to recognize the signs that destiny gives us, so that we succeed in our endeavor. (Messias)

— OK. I always try to reflect about my actions seeking to follow my intuition all the time. (The son of God)

— It's good. Reflecting radically strip us from a subsequent headache. (Observed Messias)

— I also believe in signs. One of them was to find Aldivan, the son of God, bring him here and started this adventure. It's all very magical and wonderful. (Emanuel)

— Talking about our dear friend, can you tell us a little more about yourself? (Messias)

— Of course. My name is Aldivan Teixeira Tôrres also known as the son of God, the Seer or Divinha. My main features are love, tenderness, understanding, mercy, justice, donation and faithfulness. I am a government employee and author of the series "The Seer" that already has four ready books. I want to teach with the literature good concepts in general that could transform the lives of many. "Conquer the world through my words" is my ultimate goal. Now it's your turn. (The son of God)

— My name is Messias Escapuleto, Italian grandson, I have Brazil as my true homeland. Since childhood, I chose light as a destination and looking for people like me. (Summed him)

— My name is Emmanuel Melkin Escapuleto, Messias’s son and am also from light. The most important moment of my life was when I met the Seer and saved him from that fate.

— Incredible, all of us are from light. I just had an idea: The name of the new series will be "the Children of Light." Do you agree?

— Nothing could be more appropriate. (Emanuel)

— I like that. (Messias)

— So, unanimously is thus baptized. (The Seer)

— Well, I'm tired. The day was long. Do you follow me? (Messias)


— I am also tired. I think I'm going rest too because I want to get full recovered from my travel. (The Seer)

— Two Against one. I'm going too. I do not want to be by myself. (Emanuel)

— So let's go then. (Messias)

All they obey Messias, they get up, take their stools, step into the hut and get close to their beds sticks with grass mattress and lie down. As they didn’t have enough beds, the son of God lies on a mattress on the hard ground clay. Despite the discomfort, do not complain because had lived and survived by worse situations. He faced the current challenge as a great learning experience. And that arrive the next day with new adventures. Have a goodnight everyone.

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