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The Contemporary Testament

Aldivan Teixeira Torres
The Contemporary Testament



The duality

Since the beginning of time, we have lived a dualistic phase. On the one hand we have the forces of good represented in their highest hierarchical rank by Yahweh and his sons and on the other, Satan and his angels. Our dimensional reality reflects this reality with people divided on both sides. But it is not in an absolute way. Even good people commit evil and bad ones sometimes also do good deeds.

Yahweh God allowed to be of this form in consequence of his great love with the creatures. Duality was a price to pay for the freedom granted. From the revolt of Lucifer to the apocalypse, everything is premeditated with coordination of the living God since not a leaf of the trees falls without your consent.

By making an analogy, we are actors on the big stage whose invisible writer is Yahweh. God infuses creatures with the right mood for good things to happen. However, we cannot use this argument to justify our mistakes because in evil it is not found.

I invite my brothers to walk the path of goodness and the key elements for this is the following of the thirty commandments already quoted. My father wants everyone to be saved and only awaits your response to act and transform your life.

Human mercy and God's mercy

There are human and inhuman men. The latter have their hearts so petrified that they are insensitive to the calamitous situations of life. They are creatures punishable by being on a lower scale. The former are open people and with the necessary sensitivity to help and forgive the They are the ones chosen by the father.

Although they are good, human men cannot be compared to the father and the children. With infinite goodness and an intense capacity to love, the divine have an unfathomable mercy.

As much as a man sinks into a mire of sins, salvation is possible in the eyes of God. Just a confident delivery and a sincere attitude of change on the part of the sinner. In doing so, the doors will be opened and then the world will experience true love of Father.

What does God represent in your life?

I propose a collective reflection on the role of God in our lives. How much does your presence matter in our day to day? For me, God is everything. He is present in my words, in my gift, in my breathing, in the beating of my heart, in my work, in the family environment, in my smile, in my charities, in my love for my neighbor, in my understanding and in my forgiveness of the other.

The holy God also manifests in my soul and in my mind infusing me with wisdom and leading me to a sea of success and delights. He is also ready to act in his life. But what you see are selfish people, malicious, lying, attached to material and power. They prefer to be prominent among men to a reconciliation with their father.

Many people do not even remember God in peace and bonanza. Prefer to give human credit to their achievements although the true merit comes from the father because he created everything that exists. Change of life. Make your attitude a way of approaching with the father of so that he and you are one. That's what Jesus did two millennia ago.

This approach will bear fruit in your life making you a better and more accomplished being. Believe me, there is no happiness beyond that with your father.

The question of invoking the dead

"I am Yahweh, I created the whole universe by my great love, kindness and generosity. I also created the time to regulate the activities of created things. Specifically, mankind must rest in the afterlife since it has finished its work under the sun. I do not allow disturbance of my dead to consult the future, witchcraft, games of chance or any other activity. Who does this without justification will be definitively excluded from my kingdom.

The sad end of one who manipulates the power of darkness

The world is a great harvest where the tares and the wheat grow together. While one is fruitful, the other goes on spreading wickedness wherever he goes. The fool, full of envy, does not tire of persecuting the good and for this he uses the forces hidden to them do evil through the rebel archangel.

Those who persist in spiritual evil I assure you that they will receive everything they do back and in triple. I am Yahweh, mercy and goodness, but I am also righteousness. It is inevitable in a world of atonement and evidence that the scandal happens but of whom the My bat and my whip are heavy and it would be better if they were not even born. The end of the bad, believe me, is not good.

The wheat will be gathered into my barn while the tares will be plucked out of the field and thrown into the furnace of fire. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. He who has ears, let him hear.

Why the permission of so many bad things in the world?

The world has never been such an evil as today. There has been a culture of violence, segregation, prejudice, intolerance to the flower of the skin and dismay. With rare exceptions, it is no longer possible to trust in the human being.

There is an erroneous concept of attributing responsibility to God for what happens in the world. This is totally unjust. God is love, faithfulness, sovereignty, loyalty, kindness, understanding, equality and generosity. So, there is nothing to speak of God in bad facts. Evil comes from the human heart and man is totally responsible for his actions and consequences from them.

At the end of this human cycle, about a hundred million years from now, a new time will arise. Wickedness will be extirpated from the earth, and then the kingdom of God will begin to materialize. will reach peace. Those who wait for salvation will rise and partake of this new reality, without death and without pain. Happiness and good will finally triumph.

Lend to God

The good man knows exactly how to act to please his creator. If your friend or neighbor comes to ask you for something to borrow, he reciprocates by increasing your request. If it is a poor man who cannot return the money he internally dispenses it. Whoever does so lend to God and will be rewarded in due time. Other forms of loan are: Charity, cooperation, disinterested friendship, love for neighbor, mercy, honor, faithfulness and patience.

It all boils down to the fugacity of the world and to material detachment. If everyone were aware that they are not eternal, that everything is fleeting, the world would be full of good deeds because they are slowly building up an eternal treasure. pass and apply the teaching in your day to day. You will have your life transformed with a new vision.

To be like the ant

The ant is a natural example for the human being in all its dimensions. Just as she collects provisions during the harvest in order not to starve, the man should be careful about the future. One year was an intense success and Keep a little of your salary in an application to use in case of need because we never know when the crisis can set itself up in the world or we will be afflicted by some illness. We are subject to everything.

We must act as the ant with respect for the natural environment, diversity and competition. We are not the owner of the planet, we are just another of its threads and we must fight for the preservation of resources that guarantee the future of the world. preserving what remains of the planet.

The things which Yahweh hates

According to the bible, Yahweh detests six things, and the seventh he abhors: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, heart that deviseth perverse plans, feet that run to wickedness, false witness that utters lies, and he who sows discord among brothers.

Man's self-sufficiency is the main cause of separation from the creator. Feeling superior, the human being no longer seeks to hear his inner voice. He only thinks of himself in success, power, money, and prestige. God seeks the humble, the one who knows exactly what he can and should get, with Jesus Christ as the greatest example. Even as a king, he did not care to serve everything and everyone, proving immense. love for the things of his father. This is the secret of the great.

The lie does not come from God or from his followers. It is an itch that gradually destroys everything and everyone, making them live an illusion. However hard, truth and only truth is essential in their relationships.

Death is something natural. Those who use some means to interrupt the trajectory of a human being do not have the name written in the book of life. Here is that life and its continuation belong only to Yahweh and no one else.

Behold, the heart is a land no one walks except the creator. Do you think that there is no God in heaven investigating your plans of death and betrayal? When they least expect it, they will be caught in the act of receiving the payment because here if you do, you pay for it here.

In regard to the feet that run to evil they will find only pain, disappointment, suffering, crises, tragedies, disturbance and condemnation. Salvation in these cases is possible only with a change of posture and a confident surrender to the love of the father who can do everything to transform.

As for a false witness, he must be cut off from among the children of Yahweh by the severity of his sins. How could the pure mingle with the unclean in my kingdom? They are creatures devoid of all graces who seek only to defame their neighbor and do you wrong.


Finally, the one who sows discord among the brethren is the worst weed in the wheat. It is necessary to achieve salvation a culture of peace and deep recollection. I promise you success and blessing to anyone who can put it into practice.

The legacy of man

Everything in this life is temporary, man will not take advantage of any of his material goods. What remains is his good works, his intelligence and ethical values that will serve as a catapult for a better world. This is the legacy of man.

In my father's kingdom, people will find exactly what they lacked on earth: Understanding, harmony, sharing the same cause, in the end, full happiness with the one who created you. Everything will be worthwhile, your efforts on earth will be rewarded in due measure of their worthiness.

The sin of omission

There are things in the world tolerable and other intolerable and unjust. When faced with situations of this, it is up to us to exercise the art of rebuke in order to try to correct the error. On the contrary, if we are silent we are being conniving with the perpetrator perpetuating the sin.

It is known that there are things to keep secret, such as issues that affect our security. Therefore, omitting is only going to reveal how cowardly you are. Make a difference and do not be silent in the face of human wickedness.

The Man's Wage

"Behold, I have created man for the primary purpose of cultivating the earth, caring for other animals, and relating to his neighbor healthily in order to build a sense of happiness on earth. However, most people reject my commandments and mine Everyday inspirations prefer power, money, ostentation, false friends, illusion of evil and greed. Some few fear my name by producing good fruits on earth. These will be blessed with more gifts while those will be withdrawn from my presence in seeing that they did not know how to take advantage of the chance given. Remember that life is short and there is no time to waste on things of lesser importance. "


All work requires discipline, attention, commitment and a little investment to be well done. So, people must act in relation to their deepest dreams and the design of Yahweh. Rather than following commandments, we need to have focus and faith in the right things so that the will of God is actually fulfilled.

But disobedience leads to a long path of perdition, a blind man leading a blind man. What is man without God? I myself answer: Nothing! We do not know what destiny to guide us if we do not draw inspiration from the example of Jesus and of so many other saints, flames of the divine force. We must reach communion with the most holy in such a way that the will of Yahweh and ours is one. Therefore, the commandments, the laws and the very conscience of what is right must be observed in an effective way.

The righteous will stand firm forever

"I am Yahweh, I have created everything and everyone. I am the eternal, everything will pass, except my power and my words. Those who follow me practicing good wherever they go, have a special predilection in my heart. I will increase your gifts and possessions, on earth will be called wise men, just as I did with Solomon. There will be no hurricanes, no storms, no natural disasters or even the wrath of my enemy. All evil is with the days counted and as soon as it does, I will give you command over all that I have built. There will be new times, an unblemished humanity that will adore me along with my beloved children. "

The number of years is measured by justice

"It is I who give you life, it is I who count the exact number of days you will live in the dimension called Earth. To the righteous I will give you a long life in compensation of all the good that you have done for your neighbor. and will be finished when my wrath is consumed. I measure each human being by his own righteousness. If you are faithful in small things, you will also be great ones. "

The hope in Yahweh

"Hey, you there! What a day after day battle under the sun with integrity, strength and faith in my name. I am attentive to your needs and I promise that when your day comes, your claims will be met. Your hope will not be in vain. for by his side there is a living God, strong and just. A God who loves you above anything. His victory is already guaranteed. "

The value of discretion

Discretion is an essential virtue for the human being. In everything that is known, seen or heard can be spread to the four winds. Knowing how to keep a secret is very important in any relationship, it produces the confidence necessary to open our feelings with the other. The contrary, the indiscretion, hurts and sometimes causes an incurable grief lasting for the rest of his life. Let him give value to the right things.

The important role of leader

In all the realms existing in the numerous dimensions there is a hierarchy to be followed. At the top is the chief or leader, responsible for the good ordering of things of common interest. The superior has to be prepared to administer and govern with justice and equality. characteristics to be a good leader are serenity, understanding, tolerance, patience, faith, love for neighbor, authority, kindness and generosity. Depending on your command, the kingdom can achieve peace, abundance and happiness.

The question of bail

It is the guarantor or not to be? This is the question. Each one acts according to his conscience but I will explain my humble opinion. Being a guarantor is a great responsibility because of sometimes a solidarity clause, that is to say, if the holder does not pay the You have to know the person very well to make sure that he will honor the commitment to the financial institution without putting his name at risk. It is more comfortable not to risk it.

The man when he performs a generous act is lending to God, and that is a good deal. The guarantors of the divine work will receive double for the good spent and this will be converted into honor and glory in the kingdom of the heavens. It is better to trust God than in a man although we do good without any perspective of counterpart as in the case of who cannot reciprocate.

The value of beauty

Never praise a human being for his beauty. Know him first because beauty is fleeting and will end with the passage of time. What really stands are his marks in the world: His personality, humanity, detachment, love, fidelity to God and charity. The rest everything passes.

Fighting for a goal

Everything in life has a sense and a focus otherwise life would not have grace. Even if trapped in the innermost of being, dreams are there, cherishing the hope of millions. In order to realize them, we strive but we do not always succeed What do you do to be a true winner?

Persistence, analysis, planning, persistence, and faith are essential. Commit to your goal with determination and determination that sooner or later success will be achieved. Never fail to try though the possibilities are small. It's what I did. Today, I am an author published in several languages and I have faith that a glorious future will arrive. My example should inspire you even if there are simultaneous failures. Never surrender or give up what you believe, try to the end. God sovereign who can change everything at any moment.

Law of Return

The law of return is the wisest law in the universe: The more you strive to do a good work, the more you will receive it. On the contrary, if you engage in evil, you will receive it in triplicate. so, for the sake of justice.

I am an example of this: Throughout my struggle in my studies, and as a reward, I was awarded a stable public office. In addition, I always tried to pay attention to the people around me and as a result, I collected admiration, respect, friendship and maybe even love. Do this also and you will see exactly what I say: The universe is fair to each one of us.

How to progress in life

If you intend to succeed and climb the steps of life more and more, it is important to keep two things in mind: Love and serve. Performing acts of generosity such as assisting the elderly, feeding the orphan and the widow, giving advice, bread with beggars and street children, teach the ignorant, guide the blind, comfort the afflicted and sick, follow the divine commandments, among others will be accredited to be part of the future kingdom chaired by Yahweh and his children.

My father's kingdom is a place of extreme happiness, justice and sovereignty. In him, there is no human pain or suffering in such a way that life is always pleasant. I invite the reader to integrate himself into this new spiritual order so that get the most essential responses from your existence. The only condition we require is the fulfillment of the thirty commandments already listed in this and other books of mine. Give your soul and yourself a definite chance.

The early bird catches the worm

"I am Yahweh, I see all your toil daily. I see the hour you raise, your work, your dedication, your breathing, your fears, your dreams, your aspirations and even the bottom of your soul. In the instant when I least expect it, I will act and give back all its acts with justice. On this day, which is the day of the Lord, you will glorify my name and recognize that I am Yahweh, the first and last, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, the living God for whom nothing is impossible. Meanwhile, wait with faith and confidence for the victory that will come. "

Who will find God?

The inner ambition of most men is to find the meaning of life and in this way, many are lost in disbelief, in the hard routine, bump into the evil and incomprehension of the neighbor. Little do they know that God reveals himself in every good gesture, in the people of faith, in the signs of nature, in religions, in examples of life throughout history. It is clear only those who achieve the great achievement of understanding God and recognizing him in the simplest things in life. culture of peace, diversity, equality, solidarity, love above all, brotherhood and faith. In them we can recognize a little of the eternal, true and unique father. God is above all the essence of every good and generous being.

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