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Business Series. Full

Lewis Foreman
Business Series. Full



Episode SIX


Well. Amandah is facing a little trouble. She doesn't know what to do. Something in her deal has gone wrong. And now she has to overcome these difficulties. The customer has got some new requirements. Amandah doesn't really know the specifics.

She goes to her chief. He'll definitely help her out. The boss recommends her to hold a meeting and negotiate with this buyer.

He explains her all details and now Amandah feels really confident. She makes an appointment with the customer.

Episode SEVEN


Some time has passed. Amandah has got the hang of everything.

She clinches deals every day. She has been the employee of the month for half year.

Her bosses are really proud of her. They decide to create a new department and put her in charge.

Amandah doesn't expect that at all. Today she takes part in a gathering. She is promoted.

Her supervisor congratulates her. And at the moment they are discussing about details of the position.

Episode EIGHT

New project

So, Amandah is dealing with new tasks now. She is a big cheese at the company.

Yesterday she had a meeting with her co-workers. They were discussing about some urgent work.

Amandah would like to launch a new project. She described the key moments.

Besides, she allocated tasks among the employees. She also assigned two people for the top positions in the project.

Amandah hopes it' ll work out.

Episode NINE

Performance review

Some time has passed again. Amandah has asked her team to prepare for a performance review. It is going to be on Thursday.

Amandah is planning to find out the figures on the project that she launched several months ago.

She is going to compare them with the ones she expected.

After that Amandah will make some analysis. It will help to understand what they have achieved and what else they can do.

Episode TEN

New partner

Amandah has got a call recently. It was three days ago.

A man phoned her with an interesting offer. So now she is thinking over it.

The man suggested to organize some joint event. It will definitely help to attract new prospects.

Amandah is calculating the figures at the moment.

She has to cope with that perfectly.

The event is going to happen next month.


New job



New marketing executive





New horizons


Episode ONE

New job

John is thinking of changing a place of work. He has been working at the same company for 3 years. At the moment he has reached all here. He can't make a career anymore.

John has placed a CV on the Internet. He is seeking for a position of a marketing executive. He has got enough experience and relevant skills for that.

This week he has got several calls. However, the offers are not good enough. John will be waiting for a better proposal. He is sure he'll get the best one.

Episode TWO


Last night John got a call from a famous company. They agreed to have an appointment the next week.

John feels excited. The offer is really interesting. The company offers a better salary and a flexible schedule.

The interview is appointed on Monday. It'll take place in the head office of the company.

John has to prepare. He'll have to pass a non-standard interview. It is going to have a role play format.

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